Hello pretty guys and girls,

I have been unable to find a topic specified in gear and stuff for Inter. There is a topic in which you can show your collection, but not really one where you can ask questions about specific items, etc.

Now I have a question and I thought a topic like this might come in handy for people who want to buy something from Inter but wanna be sure about it before spending a big amount of money on it. That means you can ask things about an item here so other members who know about it or might even have it can help you out and assure you that you know what you're gonna buy.

So to start off, I was planning to buy this jacket:


Unfortunately, this is the only picture available of it on the site. Now I wanna know what the back of the jacket looks like, if there is 'INTER' spelled on it or not, like in this one, and if there is anything else there. Does anyone have it or seen it somewhere and knows what it looks like?