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Thread: Inter and Bidone d'Oro

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    Inter and Bidone d'Oro

    What is with us and the Bidone d'Oro (golden Bin). In last 6 years we have won it 4 times. Quaresma, Adriano and now il Principe. What is with us and the award (And TBH I think every one of them deserved the bin)

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    Quaresma won it after a failed transfer and a total fluke at Inter. Adriano won it 2 times with us and 1 time with Roma for fitness issues, partying, beeing a total fuckup. Milito won it because of his extraordinary "form". All of them are absolutely deserved.
    Problem is that we have important and big named players fucking up all the time. But hey, we are Inter, we are used to it.

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    In the year Vieri won he played half season for us and a half season for Milan.

    Vieri, Adriano and Milito won it because they felt from the Sport Olympus to Austrian league niveau.

    And Quaresma was just an expensive flop. So they all desvered them.

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