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Thread: Music and my art!

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    Trance music and my art!

    Hello there guys
    Some of you might know me for a while now as I've been more or less active on this forum
    Since we're some community in here I thought I could share some of my art and ask you to check me out on facebook
    Here is my page on facebook:

    Have a listen of a track, mostly Angerfist and maybe you're my magic since these are my best tracks so far, and well, if you're a house music fan you can check out my Energetic vocal house mix on the "MY MUSIC" tab on the left under avatar

    I'd love to hear from you guys what you think and I know we must have some trance fans in here!
    Also if you could help me out with reaching 100 fans before new year I'd be more than grateful forever!

    With regards, Tommy
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