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Thread: tactics: midfield 5; triangles; direct counters

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    tactics: midfield 5; triangles; direct counters

    would this be the answer to inter's demise?

    first of all i suggest using a midfield of 5 players, in 2 lines, kind of like ancelotti's famous christmas tree. the reason is that the midfield is aging therefore with slow movement, so to fill up the midfield would help them with more options for team-mates thus not tire mentally or physically. 2nd of all crowding the midfield, means only 1 striker because i think inter's current set of forwards is pathetic. and last but not least winning the midfield battle is the most important part of football as proven by barcelona's and spain's current domination.


    zanetti; motta; cambiasso;
    sneijder; ricky alvarez


    in terms of tactics i think currently the mister requests minimum of 5 passes in midfield before going direct, thus the approach is more about possession football and trying to control the tempo. i suggest what is called in the football tactical world 'triangles' or a set of 3 passes (the 1-3), before directly going for goal.

    exhibit a:

    cambiasso intercepts the ball, passes to sneijder (1), sneijder passes to maravilla (2), maravilla back to motta (3) ---> motta long ball to pazzo.

    exhibit b:

    motta intrcepts the ball, passes to chuchu (1), chuchu to ricky (2), ricky to sneijder (3) ----> direct pass to pazzo.

    hope you get the point of triangles.

    now direct counters could be applied with long balls from motta and sneijder or from fast paced direct passes by ricky or sneijder.

    also deki could rotate with zanetti and coutinho with ricky maravilla.

    in defensive phase, pressure should be applied with 3 central defensive midfielders, as well as closing down from maicon and whoever the lb is. when the ball is intercepted it should be immediatly passed to midfield for game domination.

    the difference between the current system and the mister's is that due to only 4 players in midfield the tempo is slower, there are more lost balls, and there is not enough running, stamina, or covering in midfield.

    i think out of the current set of forwards, pazzo is the best suited for a lone striker role. forlan could also come at times for ricky alvarez switching to 4-3-1-2 with forlan acting as the messenger between sneijder and pazzini; in other words the 9 and a half.

    what are your thoughts? please share with me your tactical ideals.

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    ok good but why you posted this here?

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