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Thread: Creating a forum

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    Creating a forum

    How can you persuade people to join your forum??? I mean stangers, coz the others are the easy part! I created a forum about music and no one seems to be interested to register. I'm advertising it through mIRC channels, is there a better "technque"???
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    You could do what Handoyo does and threaten strangers that they better join or he will.... That's how he got me, it was graphic stuff. :twisted:

    Jokes aside, the first thing will be to choose an easy and catchy name. Second, is to tell your friends who enjoy your taste of music to join in and spread the word.

    Finally, you can buy an air time in MTV music awards or Amercian Idol and encourage fans to join in.

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    From my own memories, I think most of the member discovered Forza Inter when they search for 'Inter forum' in Google or Yahoo. So I guess you should put a 'Music forum' as your forum description and hope that your forum popped out as the first few names when people search for 'music forum' in the search engines.


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    Well, for one, I think it's important to know and be in contact with many music fans that would be interested in joining. Another is, asking permission of course, you could simply post the link here and perhaps some Interisti would be interested in being a regular member at your forum.

    Quite frankly, work your ass off. Sure, you could have a few come in via google or yahoo searching, but the majority of this site in general benefited from previous Inter message boards and Xtratime. That brought most of us here together.

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