Bashkim fishta , an Albanian crazy after Inter, shows how love for Inter helped him to survive. He has been political prisoner at the time of communism and shows in the pages of Gazzetta dello Sport his experience behind bars, and explains how Inter has helped him survive in hell. At the same time the love for Inter made him pay a high price: It was June 78, Inter won the Italian Cup: "I laughed loudly and clenched fists tightly, almost had tears of joy. But a guard at the moment looked at me, and sentenced me to 30 days in isolation room a 3 square meters with warm bread only once a day, the guards would come and beat me, or just insult me at the best case. "

He emerged from prison in 1989 after 20 years in prison, now lives in Udine and he cant wait to see Inter Milan in the next match on TV. Mazzola was once his admired idol and today is Zanetti, Bashkim has never seen LIVE Inter at Stadium: "I fear that will get excited as much as I can die .." he says without shame and with eyes full of love for Inter ..

"Fancy," says the hymn. Who might have loved Inter more than Bashkim , who has undergone 30 days Inter torture in Albanian prison? Today 67 years old, now lives in Udine ..


"I worked in a small metallurgical factory in Tirana. It was the early 60s. Orhan, a Turkish colleague, always spoke to me for a very strong Italian team called Internazionale. I liked football, even practiced. I loved Italy, but we could not say openly, because under the communist dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, Italy and West, were enemies . Under the blanket I listened to the radio "Voice of America" ​​and imagined Inter matches. One day I suggested to my factory director for a machinery purchase that was second-hand Italian. This led to more accusations of hostile propaganda. I did not apologize in court there. Why? I had a character 'alla Balotelli', not easily bent. So at the age of 23-year i went to the prison Spaçi in Mirdita , 200 km from Tirana: 12 years to serve, to which were added 10 others, after a strike against prison conditions. "


"Awakening at 4, all day in the mine loading wagons. In the morning we were greatly troubled with leek boiled in the stomach, after the loss of feelings of fatigue that was nothing strange . Then they would hang us upside down by an iron wire connected to the ankle, to explain to others that they better not faint . I have seen many who killed themselves before my eyes. Not to be crazy I needed to fabricate beautiful thoughts. I had Inter ... imagined Mazzolas games on mine as well happen under the blanket of the house and talk to at Mescalan, a persecuted, like all religious people. The seminar had taught me and teach me Italian. I loved Italy so much, that they call me "Maccherone". Father Mescal loved football, but was so sweet that he was not a fan of any team , not to neglect any team. Then came June 9, 1978. We were lined up on the patio for a lunch under a blazing sun: 45 grams of meat that was actually entirely bone, 300 grams of bread. After ten years at the mine I weighted 40 kg. Than from the speakers comes a news edition of "Radio Tirana". Surprisingly an Italian news. "Yesterday in Rome, Internazionale won the Italian Cup, beating Napoli in a 2-1 final." I smile and clench my fists. A guard notices and condemn the 30 day isolation: 3 meters underground, in darkness, with a once a day bread and water and took badly beating by the guards for each shift change. And to say that every day there were 3 shifts guards, and make you account ... From this hell of mine I still have marks on the skin. But even in 3 feet of dark I dreamed Inter, only thought that helped me survive. "


"I went free in 1989, after 20 years and 147 days in jail. They immediately gave us a passport, hoping to emmigrate before the election. On October 9, 1990 arrived in Trieste with my wife and my daughter Luljeta Jutey, which was then 4 months, but now has just passed the exam to university. Let's hope, like Medicine. But I found a job in Udine, washing windows. I saw for the first time on television Inter: a derby. But the greatest joy was Milito, who gave us the Champions League ... Luljeta kept on repeating: "Do not scream! Who knows what neighbors might say? ". But what could I do? Only clench my fists? Now I have a right to shout! 'd See on TV and Inter-Udineze. I subscribed to an Albanian channel that costs less. Mazzola has been my great hero, and now I have tremendous appreciation for Zanetti, captain. Once came close to the hotel Udine, where he had come with Inter and when I saw the players I started to cry, and Im not ashamed to say. Inter is the dream of a lifetime. My weakness. But I have not ever looked at the stadium, because it would be so much emotional . " But perhaps its time that the president Moratti to call him at least once at the "home" of Inter, which certainly was not loved as much as Bashkim Fishta. He loved Inter even In hell ..

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