For the past few months there has been a lot of talk about having to rebuild and rejuvenate the Inter squad and as I've said in my previous articles this will only solve part of issues that are affecting the Nerazzurri so badly this season. One of the major changes that needs making is that Massimo Moratti needs to look very closely at the people he has running the different aspects of the club and get rid of those that aren't helping to move the club forward, replacing them with the right team of people who can turn the club into a proper international business and increase revenues in a way that clubs like Manchester United and Barcelona have been doing for years.

One position that desperately needs changing in the opinion of nearly all Interisti is that of technical director Marco Branca, who after years of mediocre or disastrous transfer dealings must be shown the door before the summer so we can move the club forward with someone more suited to Inter's new project like fan favourite Lele Oriali or even, as rumoured by both French and Italian press, a return for ex coach Leonardo but this time in Branca's position.

In this article though I'm just going to look at the rebuilding and rejuvenation of the squad and my vision of what Inter should do this summer to not only produce a competitive team again next season but also save the club some money so in the future we are ready for UEFA's FFP rules, and also help moving towards owning our own stadium and eventually even be in a position to once again purchase the world's superstar players.

The Coach

Of course every great team needs a coach that is capable of leading them to glory and in my opinion that man is already keeping the head coach's seat warm on the Nerazzurri bench, this man is of course Andrea Stramaccioni, I know he's relatively inexperienced having only ever coached youth teams until his appointment as Inter's caretaker but he has quickly gained the respect of the Inter players (including the old guard like Javier Zanetti) and from what I've seen so far he has got a good tactical eye that hasn't been seen at Inter since Jose Mourinho left in 2010.

As well as understanding the game from a tactical angle, his man management is top-notch and within a week of taking over from Claudio Ranieri he had reunited his players to perform well as a team again and he reinstalled the belief in themselves that they can play well and win games. This is something that under Ranieri's leadership had deteriorated to a point where morale was at an all time low and the performances were embarrassing to say the least. Another big advantage of giving Stramaccioni the job for next season would be the money the club would save due to him already being an employee of the club, so there would be no costs to buy out his contract that would be involved with signing the likes of Marcelo Biesla. Plus with him being unexperienced in coaching a top flight team he wouldn't be able to demand as large a wage as some of the other higher profile candidates would, which when all summed up from a business point of view it's a no-brainer in my opinion to sign a talented up coming coach and in the process save the club quite a bit of money.


As Stramaccioni has shown in his few matches leading Inter so far he has three preferred tactics which I happen to think are perfect for Inter to produce a balanced and entertaining football match that can once again take us to the top of not only Serie A but I'm confident will also eventually help us regain our European and World crowns.


The 4-3-3 formation is what I'd consider to be the... continued at My Vision For Inter Squad Next Season