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Thread: Tickets for Inter-Milan

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    Tickets for Inter-Milan

    ello everybody, I am new to this forum and would first of all like to say thank you to Interbahar for the videoclips, fantastic! Smile

    Now, I really want to go to the Inter-Milan match on april 12th, but I sees to be having troubles getting the tickets through, they say that it is possible to buy tickets from banca populre di milano as well but that did not work out for me neither. Do any of you have any idea how to book tickets? I do not want to buy from other sites on the internet because they charge a lot more than what is quoted on
    Thank you in advance for replies and tips.
    Forza Zanetti...

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    hey mate, ive never been. But i understand that u want to go, this topic will probably get closed, as there are other places, and wrong area to talk about this.

    But talk to Frisko and I Love Inter!

    they both went this year, and im sure they'll be glad to help?

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    Hi and welcome! I already saw a similar topic of yours in the General Inter Stuff forum so this will be closed.


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