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Thread: Reducing wages...

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    Reducing wages...

    The main guidance set by Moratti for this first weeks of the Transfer Window seems to be reducing the wage's bill for next season. For the 2011/12 we've reported a total of 62,8 millions net wages, a decrease from the 68,9m of the previous season but still much above the amount needed for us to meet the Financial Fair Play rules (as we can see in this excellent article by the Swiss Ramble).

    As for the last season, we can split the players who earn reasonably low wages (up to 1,5 millions net per season) and players with high wages (from 3,0 to 4,5 m). There are really only a few exceptions outside these ranges with intermediate wages (from 1,5 to 3,0 there were only Pazzini, Guarin, Palombo and Zarate - the last, already replaced by Palacio with similar earnings) and Sneijder who earns amazing 6,0 m.

    Most Inter players are in the high range with 11 players totalling 39,5 m per season. If we add Sneijder, it amounts to 12 players and 45,5 m. We can also add Pandev, who earns 3m but we didn't paid his wages last season. So let's split these players into three groups:

    Most likely to stay:
    - Samuel (3,0m): has already renewed his contract with wages until undisclosed (but probably below the current 3,0m)
    - Zanetti (3,0m): our legend is going nowhere
    - Milito (4,5m): the top scorer for Inter last season and also 2nd in Serie A is almost sure to start the matches as Centre Forward next season
    - Cambiasso (4,0m): our veteran DM is highely likely to stay because A. we can't refresh every single player in the midfield in just one year, B. he is one of the few players with no rumours around and C. he is Argentinean

    Most likely to leave:
    - Cordoba (3,0m): Cafe has already announced his retirement from the fields and should take up a position in Inter's administration
    - Chivu (3,5m): the Romanian's contract ends this month. Inter made an undisclosed offer with a wage reduction but the rumours link him to many clubs where he could be a starter, specially Galatasaray (TUR)
    - Lucio (3,5m): according to his agent, he's already looking for a new club. Most likely destination is Flamengo (BRA) or another Brazilian club
    - Maicon (4,0m): as always, there are rumours of interest from PSG (FRA). This time the transaction might go forward given Inter's interest in Isla, who has already stated he'd like to play for the nerazzurri
    - Forlan (3,5m): some clubs from Brazil are interested yet his current wages are unatainable at Brazil's Serie A. So far, Forlan has priorized his wages over playing time, but we'll see in the next two months as Inter's already shown the will to sell him
    - Pandev (3,0m): deal with Napoli for 8,0 m seems to be lacking only oficialization

    And those who are really undefined so far:
    - JC (4,5m): rumours link him to Flamengo, but a trade would mean bringing Viviano (co-owned with Palermo) or Udinese's Handanovic to Inter and that's not likely at this moment
    - Sneijder (6,0m): yet again another Sneijder novel. We've become used to hearing several teams bidding on him and we never know when he will really be sold. If Lucas comes (highly unlikely as Sao Paulo has decline a 18m proposal for the young Brazilian) then he could be sold; otherwise, the Dutch playmaker should stay with us
    - Stankovic (3,0m): the Serb denied the rumours linking him to American teams. The constant injuries and the his physical shape, clearly unable to support 90 minutes at full speed in the end of the season generated several critics towards him but Stramaccioni considers him as a vital piece. If any of the prospects for the position (as De Jong or Sahin) comes, then he could leave.

    In the end, it is good to see the management taking decisions that should've been taken long ago. Regardless of FFP, we need to aim for a team that is financially viable if we want the Grande Inter to be sucessful in the long run without depending on the good will of Moratti in injecting (even more) money (than he has already had). Other good measures as aiming to increase the commercial revenue (Inter's stores in China, tour in Indonesia, etc) and the dreams of a new stadium (with the recent talks of a potential partnership with the China Railway Construction Company) are also being taken but that is a different matter and a different post.

    For now, we can only hope Inter's management will understand that, even though we need to cut down wages, a team with results is equally important for the overall financial results of a team. That means we need to compete for the scudetto and at least play in the Champions League every single year. Will the replacements for the many players leaving be up for this job?


    Ps.: source for most information is this FIF thread by Michael. A highly recommended read.
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    Good work (Malacaxeta/Micheal)

    Quote Originally Posted by Malacaxeta View Post
    ...... in the long run without depending on the good will of Moratti in injecting (even more) money (than he has already had).....
    Thank fuck there are some people that realise what (has been) and is going on.

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    The moves in the last few years to reducing finance requirements has been pretty good, but clearly still needs a lot more effort.

    75% of our revenue currently goes into salaries - most clubs in England (I believe? Ignoring Chelsea and City) run at about 60% (!!! I believe! Reserve the right to be wrong!)

    We also seem to run at much higher 'administrative cost' than most clubs. I have no idea what that means, because it isnt broken down further into categories. But I Dont see why we spend 2-3x more than, say, Milan, on 'administrative costs'.

    Last year we had to pump in, iirc, 60 or 70 million euros to cover the clubs running.

    I dont know how much of that was amortization, but its clear that we CANT JUST slash salaries to make everything okay.

    As I posted in the New Stadium thread, its a long way away still.

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