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Thread: When do you think Inter will...

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    When do you think Inter will...

    qualify for the UCL again?
    win the league again?
    win the UCL again?

    answer and give reasons..
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    1. This Season so 2013/2014 season we'll be back in the competition.
    2. 2014/2015 this side if he stick with Stramaccioni will develop some great prospects along with veterans embedding their DNA into the side over time ready to dominate Serie A once again with 4-5 of our youth players in the lineup for our winning season. (the funny bit being most of the youth team promotions being ''Internazionale'' not Italians. We'll see about that last bit though. Would be befitting of us to have success with foreign youth players more than the Italians bar the likes of Longo and co who are likely to contend this season.
    3. If this Stramaccioni project works out as I hope I'm not going to say we'll win it although hopefully in the next 10 years but I'd like to see us competing for it on a consistent basis so Semi-Finalists every 3 years or so would be nice and at worst quarter finalists.

    All hopes and optimism but the reality is if Stramaccioni is sacked I'll be looking for blood I don't care how bad this season starts/progresses we have to stick with the man, I can live with another season of failure but I see us playing some decent football nothing great just yet (give it time) and doing acceptably well in the league (3rd place) this coming season.

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    1. I think we will qualify in 2013/2014 for the 2014/2015 season. There's too many Ifs and What could happen about it, but if the team develops after another rough season up ahead with youth, then a year later we'd see the prospects grow. It obviously will depend on if there is stability with coaching and players being young, and not seeing too many short-term fixes.

    2. In 3+ years at minimum. (2015/2016 at the earliest) Too much talent elsewhere in Serie A for us to surprise anyone right now. Once again, I need to see the youth develop.

    3. No idea, because I can't project this, but I did say we'd qualify for CL again for 2014/2015... I don't see another CL for awhile though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_REAL_Nyall View Post

    answer and give reasons..
    This line reminds me of the final exam in law subject.

    So I wont answer nor give reasons because I CAN!!

    Well, I think We`ll qualify for UCL again next year.
    We will win the league in 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018, then we`ll not win the other year, then we`ll win the title and keep it for another year.
    We`ll win the UCL in 2017/2018. and again in 2020/2021.

    The Devious has spoken.

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    - Qualification for C.L next year. so in 2013/2014 season C.L
    - Next season we will end 3rd. Behind Jube and Bbilan (sad but true). The season afterwards when Zanetti retires we will win again!
    - C.L I won't see it happening within the next 3 years.
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    We will win the league this season, and thus qualify for UCL.
    Next season we will win UCL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the_REAL_Nyall View Post
    qualify for the UCL again?
    win the league again?
    win the UCL again?

    answer and give reasons..
    If you appreciate my answer then... well hell

    Our team is not fantastic atm, but I assume we're good enough to compete at least for CL spot. Not going to jump on the 'Strama could make a miracle' bandwagon, but to be fully honest I have faith on the guy. We've kinda bounced back on the motivation and spirit in the games since he took over, and the players look more eager in winning and all, especially Sneijder, he looks much better with Strama than any other coach after Mourinho's departure, then we have different players talking about winning and so, so I believe that means something.

    Well, Scudetto seems extremely difficult task. But if we miraculously win it, then I wouldn't be shocked. Once again, in our best day we could kick anyone's ass. But on a realistic note, Scudetto shouldn't be an expectation because we're on a rebuilding mode.

    I don't think we need a major debate about UCL, because that comeptition is more or less a bonus mode. Whatever.

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    I will wait till official match,,
    maybe europe league qualification will be a benchmarker how this team growth...
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    Why criticize like he was the worst player in the team?
    either people are having a high standard for inter or they just racist

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    qualify for the UCL again?
    I believe this season. Even after having 3 managers and worst run of form you were just 2 wins away from CL spot at some time. So if you can find some form start of the season, then qualifying for champions league won't be tough. I believe Inter are at least 3rd best in Italy.

    win the league again?
    This depends on lot of factors but the way things are going Juventus are improving every season and they have very good team. IMO it won't be in 2-3 years. Not sure when.

    win the UCL again?
    Not sure.
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    We'll qualify for the UCL this season as monster said.... win the leauge? probably not this season, but nobody expected Jube to win (not even thier own fans) last season, so who knows?
    I don't know.. I think we'll battle with Roma and Milan for 2nd/3rd spots next season, looks like Rube will have easy llife winning it back to back.

    No, I don't think the current Milan is better than Inter. They are more constant than us, and that's why they finished 2nd last season and we couldn't even finish 3rd. Inter's constantly will be under a test this season, because we have no more excuses.
    Same goes for Napoli and Roma, they're not bad as a team, and can beat Milan and Inter on any given day, but they're not constant enough against the smaller teams and drop lots of points. Not like you can compare them to Inter though, because we've already proved enough times that we can be constant enough to win titles, as for Napoli and Roma? they didn't, yet.

    I predict something like this at the end of this season:


    Roma's building a great team aswell, and with a great coach they might find thier way to top this season.
    Udinese? they survived one season selling off thier best players, another? Highly doubt it. They'll finish somewhere around 5th.
    Napoli? could surprise and grab a CL spot, highly doubt it though.
    Rube? this season might even be easier for them, sadly.

    So I think the current Inter isn't that bad, just not ready to battle for the scudetto yet. Pretty much like Rube/BBilan when we won our last scudettos.

    When we'll win the leauge? maybe in over 3 years, although I expect us to win already this season
    Win CL agaain? if Chelsea won last season, any top team can. although the current Inter is far from being a top team, but with a few good purchases, Inter is not far from last season's Chelsea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_REAL_Nyall View Post
    qualify for the UCL again?
    win the league again?
    win the UCL again?

    answer and give reasons..

    We will not qualify for 2-3 years. There is no chance of doing so this season, barring an epic fuck up by one of our rivals, and it is currently hard to see us investing in a LONG TERM project which will successfully deliver a quality team for a long enough period.

    We will not win the league for at least 6 or 7 years in my opinion. Our current manager is too inexperienced and needs a lot of development before he turns into a top manager. We also need a top team.

    We will not win the UCL again under Moratti. 15+ years.

    While we slowly crawl to getting a new stadium and cutting costs, our rivals like Barca, United, Real, Bayern are WAY ahead on the financial game. We will not be able to compete with top teams like this for a long time.
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    well done you are 2 for 16 this transfer window if this transfer ever goes through

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