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Thread: Top 4 Positions when building a team

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    Top 4 Positions when building a team

    Just interested to know what you guys think the most important 4 positions are. As in if you were to build a team, what would your priorities be. explain why...

    These are mine

    1. Organizer/Deep Lying Playmaker

    - Holds everything together, nucleus of the team. i.e. Pirlo, xavi, sahin (*clears throat*), modric

    2. Central Striker/Poacher

    - Defense is more of a team function, a lot of the time goals just come to individual brilliance and class. Born rather than made. i.e. Milito, messi, aguero, Eto'o

    3. Goalkeeper

    - Countless goals come from spilled shots, or not enough of a presence during set pieces. Leaders. i.e. goes without saying

    4. Central Defender

    - Although defence benefits more from chemistry, and understanding, a leader is necessary. i.e. Vidic, Thiago Silva, Lucio before he turned a traitor.

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    Otherwise known as the ''Spine'' of a team

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    Anyway, my personal favorite positions are the doggy position, missionary, pushing tush and happy scissors.

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