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Thread: Primavera 12/13

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    Primavera 12/13

    Whilst it isn't official yet, I'm going to take a stab at how our Primavera this season will line up.

    From the website, these are the 23 called up for the training camp:

    Goalkeepers: Raffaele Dalle Vedove, Ivica Ivusic, Matteo Cincilla, Riccardo Melgrati.

    Defenders: Andrea Bandini, Fabio Eguelfi, Davide Guglielmotti, Giovanni Zaro, Isaac Donkor, Marco Ferrara, Lorenzo Paramatti.

    Midfielders: Gennaro Acampora, Gian Marco Gabbianelli, Lorenzo Tassi, Alessandro Cannataro, Niccolò Belloni, Marco Benassi.

    Forwards: Giovanni Terrani, Francesco Forte, Matteo Colombi, Bocar Djumo, Thomas Pedrabissi, Adama Guidiala.

    You can add to this from the first team:

    Luca Garritano, Marco Benassi, Simone Pasa, Ibrahim MBaye (joint with first team), Yago Del Piero

    I think Bernazzi will line up with the same formation that delivered so much success last year.

    Cincilla/Melgrati were the 'spare' keepers for the youth team last year if Di Gennaro was unavailable (along with Sala who has since left the club). But I've heard Ivisuc is phenomenal. He's also a year or two ahead of himself if he stays in the Primavera - though traditionally at Inter, keepers are left in their own age categories.

    Either way:

    Ivisuc/Dalle Vedove

    Bandini Donkor Paramatti MBaye

    Benassi Pasa

    Djumo Tassi Forte

    I think Benassi might feature in defence ahead of Paramatti, and Del Piero playing instead of him in midfield.

    Players to look out for:

    A keeper so phenomenal that whilst only 16 he's jumped the Beretti and Primavera keepers to training with the first team. He rates only behind Di Gennaro in our youth set up at the moment.

    His father was a Juve/Bologna player, and his son seems to be doing the business as well. He also is one of the younger players in the current Primavera, but he's meant to have bundles of quality.

    Isaac Donkor
    A youth international (I forget with which team), he's very highly rated as a young athletic defender.

    Simone Pasa
    We traded away an option on him to Sampdoria as part of the Poli deal, but he looks set currently to stay at Inter. He's a defensive midfielder, skillful on the ball and great at reading games. He learnt his trade as a substitute last season to Crisetig & Romano, this season he will undoubtedly make the step up to bossing the midfield

    Marco Benassi
    Benassi was once rated by one of his peers as being better than Bessa. Whether that is true, I don't know, but he's a deep lying playmaker - and despite not playing much for the Primavera last season, he is featuring a lot for the first team in pre-season. He will undoubtedly be a starter for the youth team this coming year, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing him play.

    Gennaro Acampora
    Our only youth signing of the season so far, I don't know much about Acampora. He's meant to be quite a versatile midfielder in the mould of Crisetig, but we will see.

    Lorenzo Tassi
    No need to introduce Tassi. He's perhaps somewhat disappointed a bit since coming to Inter, but he was plagued by injury and was spending most of last season getting match fit again. He's also jumped a year ahead of himself to feature in the Primavera this year, he's a definite starter.

    Bocar Djumo
    Whilst returning a very poor strike rate for his youth team last year, he's again jumped a season to be in the Primavera this year (where he will most likely stay). He's also a Portugal U-16 international, and there was talk of Barca stealing him. He should be a good inside forward.

    Francesco Forte
    Another one of last year's Primavera's substitutes, he looked pretty good whenever he featured. He's a talented technical striker, but needs to really work on his scoring rate and overall impact.

    Luca Garritano
    Initially starting last season in the Beretti, he also made the jump up as the substitute for Longo/Livaja whenever they were unavailable. Scored an important goal in the Milan derby if I remember correctly (or the Lazio final, not sure which) - he's featuring prominently in the first team pre-season and undoubtedly will lead the attack this coming year.

    Adama Guidala
    Guidala is one of that idiot Raiola's players. Raiola has promised that he has already delivered 'the new Balotelli' to Inter. His strike rate for his team last year seemed somewhat poor to me, but he must be rated by our club hierarchy if he's (again, a year jumper) training with the Primavera. He's a very strong physical forward, and seeing how he can impose himself against older and more developed players will be important for his career.

    Yago Del Piero
    Yago Del Piero is a technical midfielder. Having now been at Inter for 5 years, and recently having signed his professional contract, it's understandable perhaps where some Bessa comparisons come into play. He's no Bessa, though, rather being a bit deeper lying, and a more comparable player would be Thiago Motta (for example). This should be a breakthrough season for him

    Forgot about Del Piero

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    I guess I should mention:

    Style of football. Given the players available, it should be a pretty similar set up to last year. I think the midfield trio of Benassi/Del Piero, Pasa, and Tassi has the potential to be absolutely phenomenal. It's overloaded with technique, flair, creativity, and a very mature ability to read the game. Garritano is a very interesting all round striker - he needs a consistent goalscoring rate if he wants to be our main man though. I do not anticipate Tassi hitting that many goals for us. Djumo and Forte are both capable of scoring but don't particularly on a consistent basis, so the biggest issue this team needs resolved is who the primary goalscorer is. Defensively, as prospects, I would say this is a more interesting unit than last year. Kysela+Spendlhofer worked well together, but were not necessarily the greatest of defensive prospects (which is fine, a well drilled average defender is preferable to a poorly drilled good one). Paramatti we've owned for a few years now (signing in the same season we signed Benedetti) and Donkor has had some level of international recognition already. MBaye should be a leader of this team next year, and hopefully Bandini has learnt from his experience in last year's Primavera.

    I would expect to see a reasonably well drilled unit defensively, but a bit more flair and general creativity across the midfield compared to what we saw last year. It's too early to judge our potential attacking unit in my opinion, but I think we could see a lot of Longo style plays. None of them - as far as I've ever seen - are what you would call goalpoachers.

    This ties in, of course, very nicely to the idea that is trying to be introduced across Inter at the moment of modern fluid attacking football, with the trequartista lynchpin. Where last year we had Bessa, the year before Stevanovic, we now have Tassi. And the names of future will one day, in my opinion, include Cassani.

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