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Thread: 2011-2012 -> 2012-2013 Youth Team Squad Changes

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    2011-2012 -> 2012-2013 Youth Team Squad Changes

    I'm going to list all the players from the previous year, who has left, and who has joined.
    * = from Younger team
    & = New signing
    ^ = From same team last year
    Mattoe Cincilla *
    Raffaele Dalle Vedove *
    Dawid Smug &
    Andrea Bandini ^
    Isaac Donkor ** (Double promoted in one season)
    Fabio Eguelfi **
    Marco Ferrara *
    Davide Guglielmotti *
    Leonardo Longo & (No sign of him anywhere in younger teams)
    Giovanni Zaro &
    Gennaro Acampora &
    Ismael Bangoura *
    Marco Benassi ^
    Yago Del Piero *
    Gian Gabbianelli *
    Patrick Olsen &
    Simone Pasa ^
    Lorenzo Tassi **
    Niccolo Belloni *
    Matteo Colombi *
    Bocar Djumo *
    Francesco Forte ^
    Luca Garritano *
    Giovanni Terrani *
    Vincenzo Tommasone &

    Players from last year's Berretti who did not make the cut:

    Riccardo Melgrati
    Nicolo Amoruso
    Salvatore Borriello
    Samuele Folla
    Davide Marini
    Federico Scappi
    Stefano Martinelli
    Thomas Sarina
    Stefano Tonsi
    Isaac Ntow


    Ivca Ivusic *
    Matteo Mainini *
    Giovanni Ranieri &
    Francis Boateng **
    Alessandro Businaro *
    Emanuele Cossa &
    Stefano Dalla Riva *
    Nicolo Di Stefano *
    Riccardo Fasoli &
    Daniele Bertolino *
    Lorenzo Paramatti *
    Alessandro Cannataro *
    Valerio Giordano *
    Giovanni Giovanditti &
    Frederic Injai *
    Andrea Mira *
    Davide Moreo *
    Jesus Valeriano Nchama Oyono &
    Riccardo Palmieri &
    Lukas Spendlhofer (Demoted from Primavera. Not sure if he's intentional showing up here or if it is a bug)
    Francesco Bigotto &
    Adama Guidiala *
    Marco Isella *
    Nahuel Losada *
    Ibukun Roberto Ogunseye *
    THomas Pedrabissi *

    Players who didn't make the cut
    Fabio Rigamonti
    Josue Ilouga
    Antonio Romano

    Allievi A

    Davide Costa *
    Alessandro Feleppa *
    Luca Salvatori *
    Simone Bandini *
    Riccardo Biscgelia *
    Matteo Lomolino *
    Mihai Manolache *
    Francesco Mapelli *
    Andrea Pinton &
    Giacomo Sciacca *
    Federico Simonato *
    Eloge Koffi Yao Guy &
    Enrico Baldini *
    Seraphin Michael Baone &
    Riccardo Gaiola ^
    Enzo Levacher &
    Giuseppe Marioana *
    Andrea Palazzi *
    Salvatore Russo *
    Demetrio Steffe ^
    Federico Bonazzoli **
    Mattia Casale *
    Simone Golia *
    Geremy Lombardi ^
    Alessandro Angelo Ponti *
    Dylan Alexis Romney &

    Players who did not make the cut
    Matteo Lomolino
    Andrea Lovallo
    Michele Rocca
    Gianluca D'Auria

    Allievi B

    Awar Bourmila *
    Michele Di Gregorio *
    Alessandro Macario &
    Matteo Arcuri *
    Alessio Bernardi *
    Matteo Colombini &
    Matteo Cotali *
    Fabio Della Giovanna *
    Federico Dimarco *
    Nicolo Gazzotti *
    Filippo Lorenzo Sgarbi *
    Abdoul Kader Traore &
    Saulo Brambilla *
    Enrico De Micheli *
    Angelo Panatti *
    Paolo Scienza *
    Jimmy Tchaoule *
    Lorenzo Andriuoli &
    Samuel Darko Appiah *
    Matteo Cassani *
    Gabriele Di Carlo *
    Frank Emmanuel Didiba Mboke *
    Pierre Desire Zebli &
    Loris Zonta *

    Players who did not make the cut
    Simone Malzanni
    Andrea Bondioli
    Filippo Sgarbi
    Filippo Maspero
    Cristian Suardelli
    Lorenzo Mitta
    Ismael Sanogo (sad, I thought he was meant to be good)

    Giovanissimi Nazionali
    Marco Pissardo *
    Andrea Radaelli *
    Andrea Archita *
    Andrea Cagnano *
    Zakaria El Badaoui *
    Stefano Giovanelli *
    Alessandro Mattioli &
    Angelo Merlini *
    Edoardo Picozzi *
    Davide Buglio &
    Mattia Chiarion *
    Alessio Donnarumma &
    Matteo Facchinetti *
    Davide Granziera &
    Marco Moleri *
    Kouatchoi Justin Nouman *
    Andrea Rizzi &
    Melkamu Taufer *
    Fabio Dario Braidich *
    Alessandro Corona *
    Joane Alain Goury *
    Justice Opoku *
    Reno Mauro Piscoppo &
    Temesgen Sirigatti *
    Loris Vago *

    Did not make the cut
    Gabriele Premoli
    Samuele Sardella
    Michele Foglia
    Marcello Riolo

    ---------- Post added at 10:16 ---------- Previous post was at 10:15 ----------

    so we've officially lost Gianluca D'Auria. That's fucking devastating, he was one of our best young prospects.

    ---------- Post added at 10:29 ---------- Previous post was at 10:16 ----------

    So, a summary:

    I'm REALLY pissed off we lost D'Auria. He was a phenomenal goalscorer at youth level, I think he hit 37 goals last season. I BELIEVE he moved to Napoli.

    Justice Opoku - despite the Milan interest in the summer - remains at Inter.

    Quite a few of last years Beretti did not make the cut. I'm somewhat surprised Ntow is in that list, I thought he was meant to be half decent. He's possibly gone on loan, though? A lot of those guys will be out on loan possibly, so we'll see who comes back at the end of the season.

    ---------- Post added at 10:36 ---------- Previous post was at 10:29 ----------

    Riccardo Melgrati - Unknown
    Nicolo Amoruso - Loan to Novara
    Salvatore Borriello - Unknown
    Samuele Folla - Unknown
    Davide Marini - loan to sassulo
    Federico Scappi - Unknown
    Stefano Martinelli - loan to Pergolettese
    Thomas Sarina - loan to sassulo
    Stefano Tonsi - unknown
    Isaac Ntow - loan to Brescia
    Fabio Rigamonti - unknown
    Josue Ilouga - loan to sassulo
    Antonio Romano - loan to pro vercelli
    Matteo Lomolino - unknown
    Andrea Lovallo - " trasferimento a titolo temporaneo all'Accademia Inter" whatever the fuck that means
    Michele Rocca - loan to novara
    Gianluca D'Auria - loan to Napoli (PHEW! Only a loan I fucking hope!)
    Simone Malzanni - Unknown
    Andrea Bondioli - loan to Brescia
    Filippo Sgarbi - Unknown
    Filippo Maspero - Sold to Varese permanently
    Cristian Suardelli - Loan to Brescia
    Lorenzo Mitta - Loan to Spezia
    Ismael Sanogo - loan to Cremonese
    Gabriele Premoli - Unknown
    Samuele Sardella - Unknown
    Michele Foglia - Unknown
    Marcello Riolo - Unknown

    ---------- Post added at 10:41 ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 ----------

    The fate of last years primavera:

    Last year's Primavera
    Raffaele Di Gennaro -- Injured
    Andrea Sala -- Loan finished
    Rodrigo Alborno -- Novara
    Andrea Bandini -- Still there
    Matteo Bianchetti -- Still there
    Eugenio Giannetti -- released (possibly to Roma?)
    Marek Kysela -- Released
    Ibrahima MBaye -- Still here
    Marco Benassi -- Still here
    Daniel Bessa -- Injured
    Roberto Candido -- Released possibly?
    Alfred Duncan -- Still here
    Gianmarco Falasca -- Released (I believe to Roma)
    Simone Pasa -- Still here
    Simone Pecorini -- Empoli loan
    Andrea Romano -- Still here
    Lukas Spendlhofer -- Still here in some capacity
    Francesco Forte -- Still here
    Marko Livaja -- Still here
    Samuele Longo -- Espanyol
    Giovanni Terrani -- Still here
    Jakub Vojtus -- Released

    ---------- Post added at 11:05 ---------- Previous post was at 10:41 ----------

    oh, the other big news to mention is that hot young prospect Bonazzoli was double promoted as well - possibly the only player in the younger teams who was.

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    About D'Auria:\'auria

    It's probably a loan.

    And about Spendlhofer, I read that he did'nt want to renew his contract that is till 2013 so we are might "punish" him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by browha View Post
    Eloge Koffi Yao Guy
    I really hope this dude turns out to be a star.

    Yao Guy

    So awesome.

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    how good is Raffaele Di Gennaro? and has he recovered yet?

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    Hes very good actually. Gopd command of the area decent reflexes. As far as i know he is still injured, but i would say he is of the same ability as leali and bardi, just way less experienced

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    Thank you, but why use such a phrase as "Did not make the cut" instead of a simple "not in the squad anymore"?

    If somebody says that, I imagine a room full of some important people who invite the guys in one by one and tells them whether they have reached the next level or not based on some kind of high standards/expectations.

    I'm sure some players are probably not remaining because we think that they are not good enough, but others might move for reasons not necessarily connected to their ability: indeed on loan or decide to leave themselves.

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    because the vast majority of the players who leave have indeed left because they are not good enough. this is not true, of course, on the primavera level, but below that i would say nearly everyone who leaves has left because we did not assess them as being good enough

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