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Thread: The bullshit thread

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    Hm, can't find it anywhere but I remember a story about Steve Jobs. Some dude, the CEO of some company he was negotiating with, ran late on him for a meeting at his own offices on purpose. Well, Jobs started the meeting without the fucker
    Inter is an artistic venture, almost poetic. It is capable of provoking immense, unreachable joy and bitter disappointment. Itís never done by half-measures.
    For me, Inter is the opening to new worlds and courage. Itís a strong passion, a marvellous illness. You can put up with the weaknesses and admire the courage, the same way you would with a son.
    ó Massimo Moratti

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    It's my bday (30 years). Yay, took my close family for an hour of paintball.

    What also happened is that my grandfather might die today because he suffocated on a piece of pancake he was eating. Now my bday will forever be remembered by him dying. I know it sounds selfish, but I doubt we'll be able to erase that from our memory.
    Oh well. Life is absurd.
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    if Mauro doesn't leave this summer, I'm moving to Forza Wolverhampton Forums until he does
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    If Icardi is ever sold for 110m euros i'll stop watching football and promote Pimp to moderator.

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    lol the loquats are already ripe. it's like two full weeks ahead of their time.
    My username has nothing to do with the player of liverpool fc, it is a reference to an Italian novel.

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    Every now and then I have to go to conferences (either as part of the job or part of the mandatory further training, so it's still job related). And it's not like I mind, you can't really complain for having your ass on a chair for some hours.

    But what I really can't stand is that in Italy some people believe that the more they are late, the more they are important. And the more they consider themselves important, the more they have to be late.

    So whatever the conference is about, it ends a couple of hours later than what was programmed.
    Reminds me of Mourinho, he would come in half time with the team 3-5 minutes late.

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    They should put the whole squad on the sex offender list for exposing themselves in front of 10,000 children

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