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Thread: Anyone know how to get Rojadirecta or other streaming sites to work on a tablet(iPad)

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    Anyone know how to get Rojadirecta or other streaming sites to work on a tablet(iPad)

    Anyone know how to get Rojadirecta or other streaming sites to work on a tablet(iPad)? I just bought my dad a 32 gb Ipad 3 for his 50th B-day. I had gotten him a kindle fire which sucked before and it wouldn't let him watch Rojadirecta on it. I thought the iPad would let you but it doesn't seem to work either. I got 1 link to work but the video quality was awful the screen was kind of green and you could only hear audio. Do streams not work because of Flash? Anyone can help would be awesome.

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    I'm not entirely sure what Rojadirecta is, but I know that if you jailbreak the iPad, there is a way to install Adobe Flash Player on it, which might solve your problems.

    FYI: Flash player is not normally compatible with all Apple tablets/phones, hence the need to jailbreak.
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    Veetle .. if you see any links under the name : Veetle .. they should work on your ipad/ipod

    or just try to go to but they will most likely keep closing the channels for copyright infringement .. so better use a Sub-Link from other websites like : or or any other streaming websites ..

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