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Thread: Milan - Inter (EuroDerby II 1st leg): Match Report

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    Milan - Inter (EuroDerby II 1st leg): Match Report

    Hello Interfriends,

    Iam tired of this, Iam sick of coming close only to fall at the last hurdle. I have had enough of letting in stupid goals after dominating a half, and most of all I want to SCREAM. We, the Inter fans deserve better, we deserve the joy that comes from winning and not failing when it matters most. Once again though destiny calls on us to suffer rather than celebrate and Inter fall 2-0 away to Milan in the Champions League.

    Inter played a great first half only to find DIDA in perfect form. Inter created 3 amazing chances, two from free kicks and a shot from Cruz in the box all met with Superman saves by the Milan keeper. Mancini played in his usual 4-4-2 but with Cruz way out of touch in the game Inter should have played with only Martins up front and added Van Der Meyde into the midfield because Cruz did little except create the foul that led to Milan's first goal.

    Despite that fact, Inter played well enough to deserve the lead in the first half as they played aggressive and defended well always looking to go forward. Milan on the other side was calm cool and collected as always and gave nothing away at the back. With only odd chances created, all of which by Inter, the game was more of a chess match than a football game.

    With a 0-0 scoreline looking certain going into half time, Cruz who was slow all night and never got into the game fouls Pirlo on the left side of the pitch for no reason and gives away a stupid free kick in injury time. Of course Inter has the worst luck and timing in the world and after a well played half find themselves down 1-0 as Stam converts the Pirlo free kick with a header into the corner.

    It was a needless foul and it took away all the good work that Inter did in the half. Veron and Cambiasso both held the midfield and distributed the ball. C Zanetti played great in front of the defence while Cordoba controlled the rushing strikers. Yet in one second it was all for not as Milan find a goal which they did not deserve. Kaka was unable to make his runs, Seedorf was kept in check and Crespo and Sheva never had a clear chance. All this credit to Inter, but all this means nothing in the end.

    The second half see's Milan in control and able to keep possession and make Inter chase not only the score but also the game at this point. Mancini takes out Cruz for Vieri in search of a golden away goal but Milan take the upper hand as the defence never allows the Inter strikers to break. Martins pace could never be used as Stam played deep and Nesta covered what was left leaving Inter with lateral passes and no chance to get into the box.

    Mancini takes out Veron for Karagounis hoping for a spark but it comes once again in the form of a stupid foul this time by Mijhalovic down the right side giving Milan a free kick in the danger zone once again for no reason. It must be said that the fouls were stupid because they occurred at times and areas where Milan were not a major threat. Its not like they were goal saving tackles where the foul would have been better than the goal.

    Once again its Pirlo who delivers and Shevchenco marks his return with a headed goal to make it 2-0 leaving Inter with another disaster of a season in hand. Milan has total control of the game, high pressing and fluid passing while Stam puts Martins in cage for the rest of the match. Mancini tries one last change bringing on Van Der Meyde for C. Zanetti but it brings little fruit. Stankovic was the most disappointing player of them all as he did nothing all match. I cannot believe how ineffective he was, infact I don't think I heard his name or saw his face once in the second half.

    Milan could have found a third goal as Sheva tests Toldo with a long range shot but it ends with a 2-0 scoreline that leaves Inter with only a miracle to hope for. Iam sorry but for all the good work done in the first half, stupid fouls cost us the game and there is no excuse for a team of this caliber to let in two goals from set pieces at this level and in such a big game.

    Everyone is to blame on this one. From Stankovic not playing at all, to Cruz being slow and counter productive to Mancini who leaves out Materazzi to make way for Mijhalovic who is slow and cannot mark all in hope that he can score a free kick. I have a feeling that Matrix would have been at least able to challenge for the two free kicks that were converted in the air.

    All we can do is wait for next Tuesday and pray for a miracle until then. Inter will need a 3-0 scoreline to advance. Iam heart broken right now and all I fear is that we will get the 3-0 result only to have Milan score to make it 3-1 in the return leaving us out of the competition in an even worse manner than going out on two draws last time around.

    Sorry for being so negative but Iam so pissed, tired, hurt and drained from watching this team fail time and time again when it counts most. Hope is the last thing to die however so despite my negative attitude right now we have to believe we still have a chance!!

    Until next Tuesday........


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    Good job Eddy, but I disagree with you in many points.

    We had no wing coverage, our true wingers were on the bench thanx to the moron. In both FK's, Pirlo and Sheva had space to advance, you normally foul on these situations to avoid trouble. It's just bit us in the face, that's us.

    Why the hell doesn't he put wingers when this was Milan's weakness? Why doesn't he train the team specially for set-piece situations. He is just stubborn.

    Cruz may have been bad, but he was 10x better than Vieri. At least he created chances. How come you didn't mention that one-on-one situation that Vieri had with Dida and completely missed? That was unbelievable.

    As I said in the other thread, it's either get rid of Vieri and Veron or Mancini. I don't want a new coach, Macnini is good but stubborn. You fix that by realeasing his buddies. We have a great siutation, Veron can try his weird passes back in London, and Vieri could go to Atletico or Spartak or whatever.

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    Re: Milan vs Inter (EuroDerby 1) Report

    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy
    Everyone is to blame on this one. From Stankovic not playing at all
    God phucking point.

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    10 years of FIF
    ill give you a good analysis of the game.
    in the first half we outplayed Milan by a MILEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.
    let me quote from soccernet// "kaka hardly had a kick of the ball"

    We played so well, maybe we needed a better striker up there but i think we dominated, and they barely did anything.

    BUT, we gave it all away on the 50th second of 1 minute overtime. Silly, silly, silly Cruz gave it away. A pointless and bad tackle.

    After the break, they slowed the game down. Then the second goal came, courtesy of the tackle of the game from Miha. So good i dont even see why it was nescessary.

    Then at this point it was depressing cause it should of been 0-0. Instead we gave away our good work from 2 idiotic tackles. But ok lets at least get an away goal, the RUSTY Vieri couldnt get to the ball, in his prime that would of been in the back of the net.

    sadly, Kara hit the post my heart was pounding at 5000 per second i just couldnt take it.

    2-0 is a such a HARSH scoreline, please guys dont blame mancini, he did what he could, ok his got bad defensive tactics, but i think he did well. Dont blame all the players, but in the end thank Miha and Cruz.

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    nice report.Eddy.

    I'm full of confidence,I think if A10 were on the pitch yesterday,we would never lose the game,at least it was a draw.two fouls created two free kicks,two free kicks created two goals.

    the second leg of the Euroderby,A10 will be back ,he is the devil of the milano's defenders for ever.
    Forza inter!

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