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    Long time lurker who got tired of not seeing uploaded images. Needed to exhale after today's game, so I took to the boards. And now I figure, I check this place regularly anyways, why the hell not keep posting. Don't know too many Inter fans, so it'll be nice to be able to share these ups and downs with others.

    About me... first Inter moment was in 98 when I was gifted a Ronaldo jersey (didn't know how awesome of a gift it would turn out to be at the time). That said, I only really started following mid-Mancini era. Lived in Milan for a short spell which allowed me to visit the Meazza. That said, I never actually saw Inter score at the Meazza. Closest it got was when Pazzini slipped while taking that penalty vs. Udinese and the game ended 0-1. Also got to see Lucio kick Stekelenburg in the head during the 0-0 with Roma last year. Everything about that game sucked. Definitely need to go back soon (if only to prove to myself that I'm not cursed).

    In other news, I would bear capitano's children in a hearbeat. That is all, carry on...

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    So you`re one of the 122 guests?

    My methods are workin!

    Welcome and stick around.

    Shit doesnt happen

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