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Thread: Inter Report (November 2012 Update)

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    Inter Report (November 2012 Update)

    Average Team Stat

    Below is the table which shows the average stat of Inter game. Note that Inter have played 19 matches from 26 August (against Pescara) until 26 November (against Parma). It is shown the difference of various stats between October update and November update.

    Bitter sweet November month for Inter as only 2 win recorded while the rest are 1 draw and 3 losses. A victory against Juventus in their home is a highlight of the season, but the after-effects aren’t amusing for Nerazurri. The most noticeable thing is, Inter never got cleansheet in November. Perhaps, it was the effect after winning against Juventus. Against them, Inter suprisingly opted for attacking formation 3-4-3. It paid off as Inter managed to outscore Juventus, but it was not the case against Atalanta, Cagliari, and Parma.

    The soaring confidence on their attackng power convinced Stramaccioni to change the former defensive style into attacking one. From table above, it is shown that all attacking parameters such as shots, possession etc increases while the defensive ones (fouls and tackles) decreases. The most worrying part is, how the average goal conceded per game increases dramatically from 0.67 to 1.27. Sure is the great homework for young allenatore.

    Player Statistics :

    The next section is for player stat per game. Note that every parameter is divided per minutes played. The parameters are :

    Mat = matches, rat = rating, YC = yellow card, RC = red card, Sh = shot, SOG = shot on goal, Go = goal, Ass = assist, Pa% = pass accuracy, Dri = dribble, Tac = tackle

    *Average per game

    And, the table below is the ranking of Inter performance :

    Analysis :

    -One of the bright stars among gloomy ones. While most of his teammates’ performance drop, Handanovic still maintained his high standard thus keeping his title as Inter best performer from October to November. Second in playing time tally.

    -Aside from his performance against Asamoah of Juventus, the signs of declining couldn’t be concealed from Zanetti anymore. His average rating drops by 0.19, the worst among the squad and on-par with Milito. If any slight happy news for him, he won 3 aerial duels this month, something he had never done before. Still the second reliable passer in the team with 91 % pass accuracy (only 0.3 % below Ricky).

    -Silvestre’s position as third worst player hasn’t changed since last month and his jynx to always concede the goal still remains. As if his position was not bad enough, his performance dropped even more by 0.13.

    -Ranocchia’s performance isn’t as bright as the beginning of the season and suffers slight drop, but still remains as the best defender in the squad. Still stands at third highest performer and third in playing time tally. Becomes the king of aerial duel with winning 4.2 aerial duels per match..

    -Out of defenders trio, Juan is the one who suffers most setback, dropping 0.13 point in average rating. Perhaps this is sign of inexperience and inconsistency of young defender. But still a reliable defender and absolutely better option than his backup Silvestre.

    -Nagatomo may have more playing time than Pereira, but the latter finally overtakes Japanese in the term of average rating. Even in term of statistics, Pereira already beats Nagatomo in disciplinary record, dribble, shoot, and pass accuracy.

    -Jonatan drops as the second worst becomes the worst player in November update. There is an improvement in his average rating, gaining 0.05 rise, but still not enough to propel himself from the bottom of table. And the most ridiculous part is, he always dispossesed in every match. Out of all defenders, he has the most dispossesed rating and surely this is the sign of bad defender.

    -Finally Coutinho amasses the most dribbles in squad with 4.5 dribble per match. Only, such amazing stat isn’t equal by his passing accuracy as the latter is only 76.4 %, one of the worst in team.

    -Ricky manages to escape from bottom spot and becomes 2nd worst performer. He stands as 2nd best dribbler (4.4 dribbles per game) and the most reliable passer (91.3 % per game). Only, he cannot provide the spark like Cassano does.

    -It is no coincidence that Guarin improves so much in such attacking scheme. While the performance of most players drop, he gains dramatic 0.11 point rise. It is unknown how Guarin loses his defensive awareness, but it seems he is the only player who gains the most adventage of attacking game. His powerful drive provides the mobility that Inter desperately needs. If he manages to keep the positive trend for season long, there is chance for him to be new Interisti favourite.

    -After sparkling October month, Cambiasso suffers the terrible setback, dropping 0.12 in average rating. Despite the fact, he still leads in term of playing time, amassing 1,476 minutes. There are 2 possibilities here, either Cuchu gives more contribution than what it seems or Inter lacks replacements for him. At least he still contributes 4 assists in current campaign.

    -Overtakes Milito as the Inter top scorer with 8 goals. Congratulation Palacio. Has better pass, shoot, and dribble stat than Milito. No surprise that he becomes the second best performer of entire squad.

    -Along with Zanetti, Milito’s performance drops by 019 point. There is no wonder about it as his statistics justify it. Wasteful in chance, contributes almost nothing in every game, and strays offside far too often. If he doesn’t show any improvement, he could experience what his former colleagues Maicon, Lucio, and Julio Cesar did.

    -His position as 4th highest rating still remains same for Fantantonio with 6.3 average rating. His goal tally doesn’t change, but he still tops the assists chart with 5 assists. An utter nuisance for opposition as he draws 3.1 fouls per match. When it comes to creativity, it must be admitted that Inter totally depends on him and sadly there is no backup yet if somehow Cassano couldn’t perform well.

    Reference :

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