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Thread: Inter - Milan (EuroDerby II 2nd leg): Match Report

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    Inter - Milan (EuroDerby II 2nd leg): Match Report

    Hello Interfriends,

    Inter have hit their lowest point ever after being eliminated from the Champions Leaque. They have hit rock bottom which has been coming ever closer for the last 16 years. Tonight they are as low as can be, not for losing a match or not qualifying for the next round, but for the idiotic actions of certain fans.

    The second leg of the Euro-Derby ends at the 26th minute of the second half with Milan ahead 1-0 on a goal by Shevchenko. From the stands an object strikes Dida in the head and shoulder after the Referee calls back a goal scored by Cambiasso. The decision triggers protest from the players, but sparks madness among the fans. With everything from bottles and fruit to metal objects and flares raining down on the pitch, Referee Merk has no choice but to suspend the game for safety.

    Its a sad day, one that could have been the most joyful if Inter could have found a way past Dida. Inter played very well and came out with heart and grit but a once again Super Dida and great defending by Milan gets the better of Inter and see's the Red and Black side of Milan into the Semi-Finals.

    This game will see Milan as winners, but will be remembered for the pathetic display of the select fans that forced the game to be stopped. Inter must now wait for UEFA to send down punishment which of course will be heavy filled with suspension and fines.

    As for the game, Mancini decides to play Adriano from the start and also change the formation playing a 4-5-1. Materazzi takes place in defence with Veron moving to the center of the midfield between Cambiasso and C. Zanetti. Van Der Meyde and Kily play wide and in support of Adriano up front.

    Milan make only one change as Ambrosini comes in for the suspended Gattuso. Inter start in an aggressive manner full of spirt and in search of an early goal. Milan is sure footed and secure in the knowledge that they can hold the fort. The game is fast paced and also chippy with 3 yellow cards shown in the opening minutes. Kaka was able to make a run or two while Veron was able to test Dida with a hard shot but was equal to the task.

    The game was tight in all area's of the pitch and Veron does his best to feed Adriano up front and find a way to goal. As has been the case in all matches against Milan, Inter have been the better side with most possesion and chances, but the Milan Defence is a wall and could not be broken.

    Inter is full of energy and spirt but Milan is calm cool and collected. With one counter attack and there first shot on goal its Milan who get the goal. At the 30th minute its Shevchenko who scores a wonderful left footer cutting in from the right. From outside the area he shoots a perfect ball into the far corner with Toldo at full stretch and beaten to make it 1-0.

    Milan now have the total advantage but with Inter in front of the home fans they do not give up and keep going for it. The stats will show that Inter once again had the run of play with 60% possession, 15 total shots to Milan's 5, and 6 corners to Inter vs 2 for Milan in the first half. All signs point to Inter dominating, but DIDA was the difference and the half ends with Inter down 1-0.

    Mancini tries to spark the team in the second half making changes right from the start. Mihajlovic and Cruz come in for C. Zanetti and Kily. Five minutes later its Adriano who cannot go further and hobbles off as Martins takes his place. The moves work and Inter have an effort that looks to be a sure goal as Van Der Meyde's shot seems destined for the bottom corner but again Dida stretches and gets a hand to the ball and push it off the post.

    Inter have full control of the ball as Milan are content to sit back and win the ball back in there own third of the pitch. Pirlo collects these balls and tries to launch the counter attacks for Shevchenco while Inter now rely on the speed of Martins who added quite a spark to the team.

    Inter play with heart and do find a goal as Cambiasso heads past Dida but the Referee spots a foul on the goalie by Cruz and calls back the goal. Iam not even gonna go into the discussion if I thought the goal was valid or not. The only thing that matters is the awful and embarassing reaction by the fans. The Curva Nord go nuts and as Dida gets hit with flying objects, the players are forced to the center circle to avoid fireworks and flares. Its a sad day and one that will surely not be forgotten by Uefa.

    As I said at the start, Inter have hit rock bottom at this point. The team has not achieved the success they may deserve and have stumbled many times, but the fans have always been there to support them. I know the actions today were done by a select few and are not the actions of the majority, but at this point the team, the club and all involved must take a long hard look at themselves and find an answer for 16 years off lost dreams and 1 minute of madness by its fans!


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    Great Report Eddy.

    Maybe we should hit rock bottom before we can bounce up high and fix all that is wrong with this club...

    Starting with management to players to the attitude,mentality and desire.We need the wining mentality back again.

    I say end this season on a good note (if thats possible) . Go for 3rd place and win the Coppa. Almost all think that Coppa is not important but we passed on the important stuff. Plus in our hunger and stumbling we need to crawl before walking and the CL and scudetto arent just walks they are marathons.

    Lets win some silverware for the sake of winning and getting used to winning.

    This year has changed our mentality positively when approaching games but it highlighted what needs to be done to get go head to head with the best...I hope that we dont just sit there and think of what went wrong but how to fix it...We should always put in our sight the possibilities for next year if we build the right way...
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    it's really hard these days .....

    I think uefa should improve things, we have lost many games to bad reffereeing,..

    as for the flare, it's a stupid gesture... but the club and people should sthrive for justice for the fans....

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