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Thread: Playstation 4

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    I like backtracking when it serves a purpose within exploration, but not when it's absolutely pointless like in Borderlands.

    I don't like grindy hack and slash games like these at all but I did have a lot of fun with the first Borderlands. Played it with friends over skype in long 4 or 5 hour sessions with plenty of joking around the voice chat, overall good time. Vehicles made backtracking less of a hassle. For some reason it was a fun experience. I feel like the first game was a nice combination of challenge, more calm exploration for items and balls to the wall action
    Then I played BL2 and didn't like it one bit. These are simple action games by nature, but I felt like in 2 there was... too much action. It was almost Serious Sam levels of lazy game design. I haven't played either of these games in years so I can't be too specific but I remember reaaaally disliking something about the redesigned inventory that made comparing different weapon stats a major pain in the ass. And in these games you spend like 85% of the time comparing the stats between the currently equipped weapon and the one that you are considering picking up over it.

    Second problem I had was that these games are boring as shit when played alone, you need friends to make them fun. But when I would play with my friends I would get bored of 2's super repetitive monotone shooting after half an hour. And then I would push on for another hour just because I didn't want to bail on my friends, and I fucking hate when a game becomes a chore like that.
    Music and cell shaded visual style were great but that's it.

    Also my previous post in this thread above, I only now realize I was wrong, I didn't catch that you were discussing the new streaming stuff and I was talking about general game performance when rendering stuff in multiplayer.

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    Loved Borderlands 2, played it co-op and enjoyed every minute of it
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    Never minded grinds in games. Played FUCKTONS of Diablo 2 when I was a kid.

    Something about Borderlands, especially 2 in particular, just shat me completely. For whatever reason, the grind was more tedious than Borderlands 1 and other grind games like the Diablo series or Torchlight etc.

    Maybe the level scaling or something. I could be wrong but it felt like I was just going back and forth in the same areas over and over again for different missions set in close vicinity, killing the same cunts each time for diminishing returns as far as items.
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