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Thread: Playstation 4

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    Nice! But what difficulty are you playing Dev? On medium, even with the full Dwarven armour, Kara takes like 2/3 of health with one wing touch lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Universe View Post
    I'm just going to assume Spalletti thinks that young, attacking players like Karamoh and Lautaro are like laser guns in video games, or kamehameha in Dragon Ball Z - the longer you hold down the trigger and charge them, the more power they fire with. That's why he waits until the 88th minute to bring them on. If he gives them more time, they'll be weak. He's charging them up for 80+ minutes for bigger impact in those last 120 seconds. pew pew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anne Marie View Post
    So last weekend I defeated the spider boss, you knew her, the one with big butt. Currently lv 55. I have a purple spear and a dual sword. Just a quick question, normally after mid game which one you guys tend to put the most point on? I saw people put tons of point on Spirit.
    People put tons on spirit because living weapon was the best build until they nerfed it last year which screwed up many people including me. Unless you build based on living weapon then it's useless to invest in the spirit. In the first playthrough, I mainly invested in heart, ki and whatever main weapons I used.

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