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Thread: Interview with Coasterfreak

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    Questions from Michael

    Who is your favorite 49ers fan on here?

    Michael, by default

    What do you make of Kato's love for Ziggler, current WWE champion?

    Nothing wrong with it. At least he's a decent wrestler.

    What team should I choose next beside the Lakers to be a fan of if Kings move to Seattle?

    I'd say choose any team not named the Seattle (insert name here)'s. But to answer more directly, pick the L.A. Clippers since they hate the Lakers and have a good core.

    With the NFL schedule just came out, your prediction on Oakland and SF?

    Oakland goes 6-10 at best, but now has cap room for the long term. At least all the bad contracts are gone.

    SF will go 13-3, but not predicting any playoff stuff.

    Who has been Inter MVP this season? The worst?

    MVP = Diego Milito (Handanovic gets honorable mention)

    Worst = Tempting to say Jonathan, but Silvestre I think beats it.

    I too also would like a shoutout on your YouTube channel. Thoughts?

    I could say Michael indirectly on a random video, but will you be watching? Otherwise I'll stick to wearing the Inter scarf as subliminal advertising.

    Question from Kato
    So Michael gets troll of the year this year, right?

    No, Devious still gets the distinction

    Questions from Pharoah

    (Top 5 moments not in particular order)

    Top 5 most memorable sporting events so far in your life?


    1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The Treble Season (I could point to a million different moments but I won't just to save time).


    1. Scott Hatteberg's Walkoff HR against the Kansas City Royals in 2002 that set an MLB record of 20 consecutive wins.

    2. Dallas Braden pitches a perfect game for the Oakland A's.

    3. Josh Hamilton Drops the ball

    4. A's sweep the Twins in 2006, including a Mark Kotsay inside the Park HR in Game 2.

    5. A's clinch the division on the final day of the 2000 season.


    1. The Alley oop of Kobe Bryant to Shaq that secured a trip to the NBA Finals in 2000.

    2. Robert Horry's shot against the Sacramento Kings in Game 4 of the 2002 WCF. Best thing is the song made after it

    3. Lakers beat the Celtics in Game 7 of 2010.

    4. UCLA ends on an 11-0 run to beat Gonzaga with a steal by Jordan Farmar setting up a layup by Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. Adam Morrison Crying was priceless

    5. Derek Fisher hits some clutch 3-pointers against the Orlando Magic in Game 4 of the 2009 Finals.


    1. Sharks advance to the WCF in 2011 after blowing a 3-0 lead.

    2. Owen Nolan Embarrasses the Blues in 2000.

    3. Sharks Come back from 4-0 and win 6-5 in OT against the La Kings in Game 3

    4. Patrick Marleau's game winner against the Red Wings in game 5 back in 2010

    5. Jamie Baker scores the series winning goal in 1994 against the Detroit Red Wings. It's the most important moment in Sharks history, but sadly I was too young to witness it.

    American Football

    1. Raiders make the Super Bowl defeating the Tennessee Titans in 2003

    2. UCLA defeats the U$C Trojan (condoms) 13-9 and spoiled their chances of a National Championship.

    3. UCLA beats U$C again in 2012.

    4. Any win over the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos or Kansas City Chiefs.

    5. Alterraun Verner with the Pick 6 against Cal

    Top 5 venue/events you want to experience in your lifetime? E.g. Wimbledon Final Centre court, WC Final at Rio etc.

    1. Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

    2. Rose Bowl

    3. Staples Center.. (Suprisingly I haven't been there yet)

    4. 24 other MLB Ballparks I haven't been to. (Only been to six).

    5. N.Y. Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

    If you had a time machine, which 5 sporting events would you want to go see?

    1. The A's winning the World Series in 1989 and the three-peat from 1972-1974.

    2. The Raiders winning Super Bowl XV in 1981.

    3. UCLA's Championships during the John Wooden years.

    4. Bill Mazeroski's HR against the New York Yankees in the 1960 World Series.

    5. Bill Buckner's ground ball game against the New York Mets in the 1986 World Series.

    Best 5 athletes in your lifetime?

    (Once again, no order)

    1. Michael Jordan

    2. Owen Nolan

    3. Tony Gwynn

    4. Javier Zanetti

    5. Usain Bolt

    Worst 5 athletes you hate?

    1. Sergio Busquets

    2. Daric Barton

    3. Randy Moss

    4. Francesco Totti

    5. Barry Bonds

    Top 5 most heartbreaking losses by your teams?

    1. Tuck Rule Game from 2002. Pretty explanatory, no need to post a link to it.

    2. Jeremy Giambi NOT sliding in 2000.

    3. The Sharks postseason losses from 2006-2009. Jonathan Cheechoo should've had a Stanley Cup ring from those years, specifically 2006 should've been a better year.

    4. Lakers lose to the Celtics in 2008... including James Posey/Eddie House hitting 3-pointers in game 4. Paul Pierce coming out of his fake leg injury in game 1 sucked.

    5. Billy Koch allows runs in the top of the 9th.... A's hit a HR in the bottom, but still lose by one against the Minnesota Twins in 2002. That should've been a year to do something.

    What do you prefer:

    Extra innings or sudden death overtime?

    Sudden Death is good. Both are fine, but Sudden Death is epic.

    No hitter or High scoring game?

    No Hitter.... Good pitching triumphs all.

    Stolen base or Hit & Run?

    Both are fine, but I like hit and runs.

    Zone or Man?

    Man. Zone defense is for the weak and people need to be in shape at all times. Man is nice and direct.

    Run or Pass?

    Run because the ground sets up the pass.

    Drivers or Jump shooters?

    Drivers. Gotta attack the basket rather than being finesse.

    4-3-2-1 or 4-3-1-2?

    4-3-1-2. Obviously I'd coach to what's best among the players, but I dislike the narrow christmas tree formation.

    Penalty Shot or Breakaway?

    Breakaways are on the fly. I like the pressure from both sides.

    5-4 pplay or 4-3 pplay?

    5-4 is traditional, good practice.

    Singles tennis or doubles?


    Mens tennis or womens?

    Mens tennis

    Technique or Power? you can include pure speed as power


    Why did it take the Giants 50+ years to win a world series after moving from New York, even though they had amazing teams before the 2010 Giants?

    Because the A's denied it in 1989. Also the bat boy coming out onto the field in the 2002 world series pulled a hex.

    Why is it taking the Raiders such a long time to get it together after their last Super Bowl appearance (2003)?

    Because Al Davis was stubborn and wouldn't adjust to the modernized game. Always fell in love with the most athletic players (not always by speed, but strength/size/reach).

    Will Derrick Rose come back to be the player he was before the injury?

    I think he can. He still has years ahead of him.

    Why is it that home field advantage in Hockey seems to be non-existant?

    Because the crowd isn't always the most hearable. It's just a rink of ice and it shouldn't be intimidating.

    How could you make Soccer more competitive in each league w/o placing a spending limit on clubs?

    Make sure any rich owner who buys the team is willing to spend and not sit back being a cheap asshole.

    Wilt just scored 100 in a game, what question would you ask him?

    Do you get laid with the number of women for every point scored?

    Same with Rivera's blown save in 2001 WS

    Is it frustrating to know you were three outs away from a four-peat?

    Curt Schilling's bloody sock performance,

    I wouldn't ask a question. Fuck the Red Sox.

    Mike Trout's 2012 season,

    Why did you guys fail to make the playoffs despite the mighty season you had?

    Barry Bonds' 756th

    Fuck Barry Bonds. I'm not talking to him.

    Hatteberg's HR to give the As the record

    What was going through your mind when the A's blew a fat lead which led up to the HR?

    Federer's 2009 Wimbledon win (15th slam)

    Roddick after losing that same final

    (I'd be speechless.... never covered Tennis much to know what to ask. I just watch it without thinking)

    Mourinho after the 2010 Final

    Can you come back and stay at Inter forever?!?!?!?!?!?

    Leonardo after the Bayern comeback 2011

    What did you tell your team coming into this game after Cesar made an awful mistake in the first leg?

    Strama after the Juve win 2012

    What did you see in the game to adjust after allowing the early goal?

    2013 WS game 7 bottom of the 20th, As up 1-0 bases loaded 3-2 pitch and whichever hitter you fear the most is at the plate, what pitch do you throw and why?

    Throw a curve ball and make sure it's not hanging. Fastballs are too easy.
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    ^ didn't read it, but thanked you for the effort. I'm sure they're good answers.

    Good work Coast

    I'm having fun coaching Inter" - Antonio Conte

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    I read it all, hoping there would be a glossary at the end. Non-soccer sports make no sense to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raul Duke View Post
    I read it all, hoping there would be a glossary at the end. Non-soccer sports make no sense to me
    What is Soccer? I tried to set up the spacing to make it easier to read. I did provide links and highlights of various moments that I love, even though you might not get it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    How does it feel to have your name spelled wrong in your own interview thread?
    Pisses me off that some people can't read

    I also forgot to answer this question from Pharoah:

    Top 5 moments you've witnessed in person?

    I haven't been to a ton of games... so none if this will make sense.

    1. Chris Carter's Walkoff HR against Seattle

    Spoiler: This is video proof that I witnessed it 

    2. San Jose State (my school) beats a school in the most stressful fashion. Sorry... it's American football.

    Spoiler: Self footage 

    Most of the "big moments" I've seen were regular season games for my college. I did make it on TV a few times
    Spoiler: I'm the one with the blue hat in front 

    3. Matt Stairs hits a walkoff in 2000.

    4. Patrick Marleau wins in OT.

    Spoiler: Self Footage (Go to 6:40 for the same goal) 

    5. San Jose State Beats Hawaii in thrilling fashion - This was a big moment in school history, because it set the stage for the future. The team finished 5-7, but it was a stepping stone in the right direction.

    Spoiler: Self Footage with a pitch/field invasion at the end. 
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    Do you consider to interview Coasterfreek for the next one? - genuine question..

    that way you can open the next thread and the following one..

    I thought football in Italy had changed, but it seems that a zebra never changes its stripes.

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    Mmm lovely answers I enjoyed reading them (Edit: ) forgot to add I was taking a shit at the time.

    Still better than a magazine =P

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    Is this coaster doing ?

    I'll leave that to the folks at home.
    Awaiting the start of our youth project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed. View Post
    Do you consider to interview Coasterfreek for the next one? - genuine question..
    that way you can open the next thread and the following one..
    Oh you're right! No one here is called "Coasterfreak". No, seriously I'll have the thread up sometime tomorrow after class.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
    Spoiler: Image 

    Is this coaster doing ?

    I'll leave that to the folks at home.
    Spoiler: This is the Video footage of that clip (check 1:05) 

    I tried editing a bunch of links in the top post just so everyone can click on them and kind of get a glimpse of what I'm talking about. If anyone needs explanation, please feel free to message me about it.

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    great answers man , good to hear those lakers stuff..and that robert horry song is great
    Quote Originally Posted by bandiera View Post
    referees 'without question' favour juve? i think youre overstating the effect of buying out the refs.
    On Brozovic:
    Quote Originally Posted by nurko View Post
    He's like bitcoin in January, sell him on a high while you can.

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    How about another round Coaster freak on a leash?

    Quote Originally Posted by .h. View Post
    for 11m a year you can call me princess sheila while you dildo me in the ass every night, and i promise you my heart would be in it.

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    Are you physically strong enough to play American Football?

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    I'm slightly concerned that dyna is using my surname in his banner.
    david mcgoldrick

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    Saudi Arabia

    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    I'm slightly concerned that dyna is using my surname in his banner.
    And my name as his fav player
    Forza Inter

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynasty27 View Post
    Are you physically strong enough to play American Football?
    I am not. Technically I'm too short as well... and if you're short, you need to make it up with some track speed which I don't have. Of course I do work with players and coaches... Job has taken a toll in recent times that I haven't been on here lately

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