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    This won't be an analysis of anything, neither will it provide answers, I just felt like posting this... So anyway, I woke up this morning, went on to FB and saw a link of one of Handone's save videos, in it, I caught a glimpse of Pazzini which immediately brought back memories of his debut and I just had to watch it.

    Doing so, brought me back to that very Sunday. I remember waking up so freaking excited, to watch my beloved club! The games, may not always have ended the way I would have wanted but I actually would not let myself get distracted by anything while watching them. I used to revolve my priorities around watching Inter games, and only the very very extremes would cause me to miss it. The squad at the time was pretty good no doubt, but even so I still actually generally liked them, even Pandev. Well who wouldn't after this..

    The team also looked as if they loved football, and morale was high in and about the club. That was at the beginning of February and by late March, following the week of hell, thanks Chivu, this season was deemed a failure by most. By the time May had come, and the season had finished we had come second in the league, made it to the quarter finals of the Champions League and won the Coppa Italia...

    For many of us, myself included, who had gotten so used to the idea of us celebrating a Scudetto at the end of the season the idea that we were was sort of alien to me. But at the time, the one thing on all of our minds was that we would immediately rise again and reclaim the crown that we borrowed to Milan. And with good reason too. Our Eto'o and Pazzini lead attack was the best in the league, and our occasional defensive lapses could have all been attributed to Rafa's high defensive line up. Our midfield core of Sneijder, Motta and Cambiasso were World Champions. Little adjustment was all the squad needed, we said - high wages, major deficits and high ages, we knew. The 2010-2011 season came and left us with this..

    Little did we know... little did I know, that 2 years later, I'd be looking back, clinging on to the past, just because of how unappealing the future is. But my biggest fear, is that two years from now I'll come back to this section, search beyond all the formation and speculation threads and find this post and use this post as a reference for what I wish Inter wasand start with this video as what I wish Inter was.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luiz Nazario Ronaldo Da Lima
    Am I disappointed in Suning? Well, the Financial Fair Play is very delicate and football without rules would die. However, if the project to bring Inter back to the top had to go through a sort of re-organization with very strict limits, perhaps it is necessary to explain it more clearly, without deluding the fans.

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    Honestly the way we dismantled our team in 3 years was a masterclass... It all started when we didn't have enough faith in Benitez to sign a replacement for Balo and then we brought Gasperini who wanted to use Eto'o and kept Sneijder who did not fit his style of play. This club is run by morons not willing to commit to a manager because they just can't get over Mou.

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    It's all black to me Nyall What did you post?

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    I don't know why people keep saying we dismantled the team and that it was world class. It wasn't. With the same coach, players and squad, we won't have won the CL again, Serie A would have been tough too. On the field we still didn't have much cohesion, passing or any style of play. Don't let a few fantastic defensive performances fool you. We needed players like Milito, eto'o, Sneijder to be sacrificing a lot and playing out of their skins to be able to win. That can't go on forever.

    A great team doesn't need all of its players to be on top of their games all the time. We were a very limited squad then, and we are the same now. The team should have been dismantled there itself. Instead everyone had a delusion that the squad or even the first XI was indeed better than Barca and Bayern and others. Fact is that it wasn't, but Mourinho was able to get 150% out of the players that time. And even he won't have been able to repeat that.

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