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Thread: perhaps, a little bit of Gilardino for us?

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    perhaps, a little bit of Gilardino for us? (top professional sports journalism from austria) recently did an interview with Gilardino, in which they were mainly talking about parma's game vs. austria vienna in the uefa-cup. they also went off-topic a little, and asked him about his future and where he would like to play.

    his answer was:

    "i was in talks with many clubs from the Serie A, my manager also told me about inquiries from a few english and spanish teams. however i would prefer to stay in italy longer and have success with one of the top clubs. i like to look back to the time when van basten and gullit played for ac milan and scored goals after goals. i can imagine myself playing with shevchenko or pippo inzaghi. however i was also talking to my friend adriano lately, who told me how delighted he was about his life at inter. there is not much to speak about at the moment, i want to concentrate on my last games with parma and do my best to help parma stay in the league. until then, i won't decide about my future."


    how cool would that be if he joined us?

    adriano - gilardino - martins

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    We have like three threads for rumors for next year. Unless this was a sure rumor, it belongs to the other thread.

    I think Gila is a good player. I can see him with us in 4-5 years only. We have Recoba, Cruz and Vieri, and I think at least two of those three will remain that longer.

    But CF is our least priority for the time being, we are well-covered there.

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