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  • 8 - Great. A player of high quality that adds a lot to the team, one of the best in the league

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  • 6 - Above average. Useful player, but will never be a key player for a team

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  • 5 - Average. Completely average player. Does his job, but doesn't stand out

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  • 4 - Below average. Not a disaster, but would be better if we didn't sign him in the first place

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  • 3 - Anonymous. Will never be remembered due to the fact nobody expected anything from him

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  • 2 - Useless. Adds nothing of value, detrimental to the team when on the pitch

    3 1.20%
  • 1 - Infamous. Awful signing, will go down in history as one of the shittiest Inter players ever

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Thread: Mauro Icardi

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsz85 View Post
    Bullshit. Teammates cant pass him 30-40 metres from the opponents goal, because he cant do anything with the ball but passing it back or 2 wings. CBs can have no worry when he get a ball far from the goal the y can even have a coffee. Icardi won't/cant dribble, starts running towards the goal with the ball etc.
    Why can't pass? Yes, he's no Zlatan but so what? He can hold the ball and dish it, like you just said. Where is this suddenly coming from that we need different type of striker in place of Icardi? We have built our whole attacking game around Icardi's special treat, which is scoring goals.

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    6 goal from open play in 20 match but then people ignoring the fact he scores 4 goals from open play in 6 CL match. All goals coming from different set up a volley outside the box, long through pass which he control the ball nicely with his head beat the goalie, scrimmage in the box, first ever header goal from Politano crossing which never find anyone but row z. Stop act like he only do simple tap in, problem is this season he isnt been feeding well. As stsrting winger Politano and Perisic only provide 1 assist each, nainggolan none, brozo 1, Vrsaljko 1, asamoah 1, borja 1, the most is vecino 3.

    Ofc he was missing some chances but he also create some chances for second line which been blew up and think he got lesser chances comparing last season with PIC trio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by francesco View Post
    Why criticize like he was the worst player in the team?
    either people are having a high standard for inter or they just racist

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    The only good way to feed properly Icardi is to fire thousands of crosses to him. Just like last season. But then people complaining that it's painful for watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by varmin View Post
    The only good way to feed properly Icardi is to fire thousands of crosses to him. Just like last season. But then people complaining that it's painful for watching.
    Wrong. Icardi needs very little service as he is capable of converting even slimmest chances into the goals. Lets not count gazillion of misplaced crosses or through balls into the box. Indeed he has been a bit off recently but I'm more worried about our game play in overall and our very limited midfield rather than his goals, because they will come sooner than later, like usual.

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