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Thread: Best Team of the last 15 or so years

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    Best Team of the last 15 or so years

    Guys, just wanted to get thoughts on who you would pick (starter and substitute) if you were to pick the best team of the last 15 or so years. Here are the rules, since i get to make them since i starter the thread!

    1. Try to be objective, we are all inter fans but just because an ac milan or juve player is on the list, doesn't mean its the end of the world. It also doesn't mean that you have to choose a certain player just because they are/were an inter player.

    2. Consider logevity and talent. Flash in the pan awesomeness for a year or two, should be adequately considered.

    3. You can consider a player at his prime, even if most of his glory was before the last 15 years.

    4. Consider stats, but also reputation and general awesomeness.

    5. If you passionately hate a certain player even though they belong on the list, i respect that, but if someone calls you out on it, just man up and fess up.

    6. Consider BOTH international and club success and consider BOTH international and club performance (some players might kill it for their national team even though they don't win the world cup or euro cup)

    7. Don't criticize someone else's list unless you offer up your own for criticism.

    Here we go (subs in parentheses):

    ---------------------------------Buffon (Casillas)---------------------------------- GK
    Zanetti (Lahm) ----Nesta (Lucio) ----Cannavaro (thuram) ----Maldini (roberto carlos) DEF
    ------------------------------Makalele (vieira)------------------------------------ CDM
    --------------------------------Pirlo (gerrard)------------------------------------- CM
    ------------------------------Zidane (ballack)------------------------------------- CAM
    C Ronaldo (figo)-----------------------------------------------------Messi (nedved) Wingers
    ----------------------------------Ronaldo (henry)-------------------------------- Striker

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