Poker has grown ridiculously big and for once Iīve fallen for a gambling game that contains cards. It all started with me sitting down and watch the World Poker Tour on TV here. Eventually I got the hang of the rules and all, and ever since Iīve been addicted to it.

Now I play on the Internet 24/7 but without real money. My interest in this game is strictly based on the fun of it and the honour. I think playing with real money would take the fun of it completely.

Here in Sweden they show poker on TV at least once a week, so itīs a lot of fun. Although, they show the Swedish tour as well and they cut the whole thing into an hour so you donīt get to see a damn thing. Plus, the expertcommentator is an arrogant bastard.

Finally I have my own pokerbag with all the chips and everything. So now me and my friends will play IRL (not for money) so life rules.

This is how it looks like:

These are ones of the best hands Iīve ever had on the Internet: