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Thread: My humble view on the season so far.....

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    My humble view on the season so far.....

    I've followed just about every inter match this year and have observed numerous positive aspects such as our enormous improvement in terms of building moves scoring goals ect.
    Mancini has brought many interesting ideas and has earned my respect for his general approach to football. While saying this it's obvious to point out how much we have struggled defensively so far in this season. In my opinion we lack the right balance between midfield and defence. The distance between the two is simply to great and when our defenders clear they tend to fail to push forward in order to keep pressure on our opponent and provide the right balance. When failing to do so our team isn't compact enough to ensure titles. Mancini knows very well about this existing problem and has tried to fill the gap by moving Esteban Cambiasso in between midfield and defence. The way I see it this could be solved by making the right movements and cordinate these things to perfection. Don't get me wrong though... Cambiasso has been the revelation of this years Inter and deserve alot of praise, but I don't think this is a solid solution.
    Another thing that must be pointed out is our lack of pressure on opponents during matches. We sit back and wait instead of chasing. I don't mind this tactic in general, but our team isn't suited for this considering our scandalous defending from crosses etc. This pressure has to start from the attack right down to our defence.
    Another thing Mancini could improve is his choices during matches. He hasn't been a matchwinner from the bench so far and every truly great coach must have this quality.
    As I said earlier I see alot of potential I Mancini, but he is far from complete the way I see it.
    To be fair to Mancini he needs two or three reinforcements to fulfill his project. We desperately need a left-winger seeing that Kily will never blossom in this side. Stankovic isn't the solution either as he tend to move into the middle far too much. We also need to bring in a strong central defender who can read the game well and lead the defence. I'm a big fan of Cordoba but he's more of a marker the way I see it. Chivu would be a possible target even though he's injury prone. Milito would be my second choice...
    Forza Inter Per Sempre.

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    nice one, i think Inter right now are set. All we need is a new left back and a new CB and thats that.

    Because our tactics now are fine, its just on crosses,and set pieces. Bloody Miha and Matrix

    So we need someone whos strong and the best in the air for CD? king.
    a new LB who can defend, and attack? chivu.

    other then that, we have what it takes to compete with milan and juve

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