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Thread: Any UK Inter fans

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    Any UK Inter fans

    If so how did you love come about, considering you have the EPL etc?

    And if Inter were to play in England, say for example against Tottenham, would you be able to go to the match?
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    I live there semi permanently, so I guess I count XD But my family are from Milano, so that's why I support Inter. And yes, if we play over here I try to go, though prefer to go to Milano for games.
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    Yea I'm from the UK but that part up north with the Scottish Premier League.

    I must admit that I would jump at the chance to go to an Inter game in the UK but until then, it's about putting some cash away to get to Milan.

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    10 years of FIF
    I'm from Manchester. Old trafford to be precise. EPL has always been fun to watch, but there was something really special about Inter and Serie A in the 90s. Watching Ronaldo on Football Italia on a Sunday was my football treat. ( )

    I've watched Inter Milan at Old Trafford and in Rome against Lazio, and the Italian experience was much better. Having said that I really want to see them in Meazza too.
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