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Thread: comments on INTER(reply back)

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    comments on INTER(reply back)

    1st of all i am an inter fan ,i like ADRIANO the most he has potentials.
    what i have noticed during these past 3-4 years is that ,INTER arent compact ,there is no coordiantion between the defence-midfield and the every team there should be this player that holds the team together and INTER doesnt have that,CAMBIASSO has done a gr8 job this season but he is simply not the guy for the job,also VERON has done well this season.
    2nd. with regard to the offense SIMPLY vieri and recoba should go they r now a burden,i have alot of respect for both of them.they were world class players but no one can stay like this my opinion only ADRIANO and MARTINS should stay ,coz CRUZ isnt that good ,he's too slow.
    3rd,with regard to the mid-field, i'll tell u the names of the players that should no longer be in the team,( kily gonzalez,emre,davids) karagounis isnt that bad ,he has qualities similar to stankovich (gr8 player)
    4th DEFENCE also the name of the players who should leave as well, (coco,favalli,gamarra,materazzi) although MIHAJLOVIC is a gr8 free kcik scorer but he is simply bad at defending, we need FAST,BRAVE GOOD MARKS MEN defenders.
    so i'll sum up what we need and what we dont need
    1- cut down on high wage strikers(vieri ,recoba cruz as well)
    2-get rid of useless mid-fielders and get a young world class PLAY MAKER
    3-strenghten the defence with young fast players
    4-they still have to play like a world class TEAM
    5-they still have problems in defending COUNTER ATTACKS
    6-TOLDO is gr8 goalkeeper (hold on to him) the goals that we have taken so far are the defenders fault also not just the defenders (whole team)
    7-MORATTI should spend money on excellent players not on excellent NAMES in football
    8-ROBERTO MANCINI is simply gr8 ,he did some mistakes this season but if the inter management created a BETTER TEAM BASED ON LAST YEAR'S
    TEAM ,i think next season would be gr8 4 INTER.
    9-dont buy FIGO buy veron instead
    thank you for reading my notes i'll post some more later

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    You should post this in the transfer thread.
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