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Thread: How did you become an Inter fan

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    How did you become an Inter fan

    For me, I can't remember when, it must have been my first champions league match I ever saw, Inter vs Bayern Munich, Ribery was about to score but it went off the line, it was 3-2, I was around 12 then lol, I always liked Inter after, I remember when I start playing soccermanager, I kept managing Inter, I don't know why, perhaps it was Psychological, never thought about it, though I must admit the day I signed up was the day I really grew, saw there shirts and thought fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak,

    over here in London everyone support teams like Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal etc, I have to kinda of disguise my fondness for Inter , and say I support someone else instead , this is why I'm grateful for forums
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    Hey dude, a topic like this already exists:

    Feel free to add your story in there. So I'm going to close to this one as there is no reason to have two topics on the same thing.
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