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Thread: The Boss' requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessi View Post
    Inter-Cagliari goals will be posted from a Canal+ HD release with Spanish/Italian audio as I missed that game from Sky, same goes for Inter-Udinese. Inter-Roma Scarpini highlights will be posted in HQ. I'm talking in the long term here, as I'm very busy with uni nowadays.

    I tried posting all goals throughout the whole season, but that isn't as easy as it sounds.

    People here aren't really interested in what I provide in my site, that's why I stopped posting links here.
    Would you be able to post highlights/goals as a clip ? (like the YouTube clip Shaun posted above) or even the clips that are from the official inter website ?

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    Dear Bessi,

    First of all, Forza Inter >>> Life > Uni

    Second of all, not interesyed? We're just ungrateful bastards who are too lazy to post to express our gratitude, or even click the thank button.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Bessi is my favorite soldier of the shadows on the forum. We`ve been friends on MSN way before we even post on forums we used to exchange those games videos and links. He once asked me for a full video I had for the Uruguay vs Senegal WC match in 2002, I couldnt upload it to him, he went upset after that

    We both loved Uruguay back then, Recoba, Forlan and shit

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Willy View Post
    Inter wishes us guys a merry fucking Christmas.

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