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Thread: Hapoel Haifa Fans

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    Hapoel Haifa Fans

    In Israel im an Hapoel Haifa fan.. i just want you to see our fans in this year shows...
    I Know the black and red and Opel disturbs you.. but just for you know, In the 70's Hapoel Haifa was blue and white

    Soo.. What do you think? got potential??

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    The Red, Black and Opel reminds me of Milan, but the fans' passion doesn't, you got more than them

    I just hope that many of the fans don't support Milan because of the colour association and the Opel sponsorship?

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    I went to see an European game (Uefa) of your team when they played in my country. (some years ago)
    They lost, but they got through because of the good homeresult.
    For the rest, I dont remember a lot of that game anymore.
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    Yeah, We played against Club Brugge and won 3-1 in israel..

    By the way, Opel is not our sponsor for 3 years after we relegated to the second league, and this year its our first year in the Premier league for 2 years.
    In 1998\99 we won the Championship so we played in Champions league and Uefa cup.

    Maybe you will know Dudu Awate the first GK in Racing Santander who got famous at our club, or maybe Giovanni Rosso who played in the last Euro in Portugal for Croatia National team, there was also Najwan Grhyeb who played for Aston Villa in 1999\2000

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