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Thread: 2022 World Cup Qatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    Just a question mate, how did you get that cockroach out of the girl's ear?
    With a naked female cockroach shaking her booty.

    I thought football in Italy had changed, but it seems that a zebra never changes its stripes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahmeds2000x View Post
    I'm gonna make a wild wild guess, a one that I got right now and based on no prior knowledge, but you've never been to Qatar have you? I will guess you haven't. And I can't blame you really. Unfortunately I have. And while it was only for three days, I have seen more of Qatar than most of you. And you say it's a shit destination for tourists and specially for women, but when I was there I saw more tourists then qatari people. Also how is it different exactly to female tourists? The weather was a bit hot and female tourists like males were wearing very slim cloths some were even wearing tight shorts and bikini bras. No one seemed to give a shit about what they're wearing and if that is not what you meant by specially to women then please explain further.

    I met three British girls who have been living there for a year and were working as models, and all three of them were wearing clothes that any country that actually cares about how women dress will not allow. After that they took me for a couple drinks and when I asked about how alcohol is handled there, they said that the only rule was not to wear traditional qatari clothes in a bar.

    What bothers me is the amount of propaganda and hypocrisy this world cup is generating.

    Between Qatar, USA and Australia there's no footballing history what so ever, and you have to be biased to see otherwise.

    But if morals is what bothers you, then please explain to me how Qatar as a state has less morals than the USA?

    It's really annoying for me to sound like I side with Qatar, when I hate Qatar more than most of you, they're funding militia groups in my country with weapons and money and they're directly connected to the hardships I suffer, on a daily basis.

    But this world really consists racists and extreme nationalists. It's just that those who live in civilized countries are better at masking it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    I dont think it would be a good idea. Unfortunately today Saudi Arabia NT is way worse than Qatar NT. We might be a bigger country but definitely not ready at all to receive tourists. I mean females (still?) arent allowed to have their freedom and alcohol is forbidden, fans will end up commiting suicide in the middle of the of the tournament lol.

    On the other hand Qatar, and the rest of the Arabic countries are like any other country. What bothers be about Qatar is the small area. I really have no idea how can they fit milions of people and all the stadiums and hotels. It will super crowded at the very least.

    If any Arabic/gulf country to host a WC, it should be the UAE. They have a better NT too and in term of tourism it's brilliant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Seyedo View Post
    I don't like Qatar and I didn't want them to win the WC bid but this human right thing is getting hyped so much just because people are not happy with Qatar winning the WC bid.

    What is happening with these workers in Qatar is truly sad but it's not like Qatar is the only country which violates human rights. I recently lived in a European country where I saw similar behaviors towards african immigrants. They had their own community which they were not allowed to leave. I've never been there but I remember once an immigrant girl showed up at the hospital because a cockroach was in her ear and when I asked her how the hell a cockroach got into her ear she said "where I sleep is really dirty". That should tell a lot about the hygiene of those communities.

    Wasn't USA one of the bidders for 2022? If they had won, would anybody talk about human rights in USA too? Guantanamo or many more other fucked up shit that they carry out? Probably not, because a lot of people wanted USA to win the WC bid.

    Those workers don't have good working conditions in Qatar, I agree but why everyday more and more of them travel to Qatar? Why don't their embassies do something? Why don't their countries speak up?

    I tell you why! because if they were in their own countries they would have even worse living conditions. I lived briefly in India and I've seen the living conditions there. A LOT of homeless people sleeping on the side of the road. You see a lot of families which just take up a side of the road and that's their home. You see them sleep there, cook, shower and even relieve themselves there. You won't believe it till you see it! It really makes you appreciate what you have.

    The countries or embassies don't say anything because they know those people need the money and living on the streets they already have a very short life expectancy so they might as well go to Qatar and make a few bucks for their families.

    The film that was posted earlier in this thread only talked about how many of these workers die in Qatar every year but don't say anything about how many of those people die in their own countries every year.

    It is truly sad and pathetic but what can you do?? If they don't accept those jobs someone else will.

    That immigrant girl and cockroach story that I said is sad too but let me tell you another story.. I was really pissed about how they treated immigrants until one day we received a group of immigrants at the hospital whom were just arrived by boat. They hadn't eaten in days and they looked really sick. I remember seeing a young guy with a broken foot with wooden sticks or something as a cast. Obviously it hadn't supported his foot well which resulted in his bones being fused the wrong way and the guy had ended up with a deformed leg. Anyways, so we were giving them food and water and also examining them. I was examining this young girl and I saw a weird mark on her stomach and when I asked her what it was she said it was a gunshot wound. So it made me think, maybe those communities with poor hygiene and cockroaches every where not the ideal place for living, but at least they are better than being shot at.

    Again, I'm not saying what is happening in Qatar is right, definitely not, but let's not act as if like they are the only ones out there.
    These three posts sum up exactly my view on this Qatar world cup thing.

    I have to also add that no Arab country is cable of hosting the world cup alone. No Qatar, and no any other Arab country. I highly doubt that the Qatari citizens can even fill up the stadiums for such an event (they can't actually). Although, I do think that if they HAD to let one single Arab country host the world cup, the only Arab country worth mentioning would be UAE.

    A place like Qatar just doesn't have the football environment that you need to host such an event. It's like hosting the entire world cup event only in some deadly-heated small village somewhere in Europe.

    The only way I can accept this idea of hosting the world cup in an Arab region is if the Arab gulf countries somehow manage to cooperate and host this event together. The reasons are because they easily have the financial power to prepare the needed infrastructures, and most importantly, the population and size of these countries all together will be big enough for such an event. Plus, football is extremely popular in these wealthy nations.

    But then again you have these problems of Saudi Arabia having different philosophies than the other Arab gulf countries (terrible women rights, religious wackos and extremists), so this makes the whole idea a big failure.

    I obviously ignored mentioning the other Arab countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc etc) because they are either piss poor with terrible infrastructures or have the worst security conditions in the world, or both. I'm excluding Algeria and Morocco since I don't know much about them.
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    Apparently Platini is arrested for awarding World cup 2022 to Qatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monster09 View Post
    Apparently Platini is arrested for awarding World cup 2022 to Qatar.
    The Black & White stripes have always suited him. Even more so now that they're horizontal.

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    Indeed. Suits them all well and all deserve it.
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    Not surprised at all about him being corrupted to the bone. I am somewhat surprised someone is actually doing something about it.
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