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Thread: 2014/2015 AC Prato Fixtures

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    no fucking way he's 16
    Quote Originally Posted by bandiera View Post
    referees 'without question' favour juve? i think youre overstating the effect of buying out the refs.
    On Brozovic:
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    He's like bitcoin in January, sell him on a high while you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crepi View Post
    one of our boys' fellow ... 16 year olds

    This could turn out to be a story like the one with Joseph Minala.

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    What ever happened with this team? We still sending players there? Did the players who went there perform?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    What ever happened with this team? We still sending players there? Did the players who went there perform?
    According to transfermarkt, we currently own five players at Prato. Lorenzo Matteo (18), Morten Knudsen (20), Riccardo Gaiola (19), Gianmarco Gabbianelli (19), and Roberto Ogunyese (20). Aside from Matteo and Knudsen, everyone has started in Prato's first game of the Lega Pro season.

    Andrea Bandini (21), Riccardo Bocalon (26), Simone Pasa (21), Fabio Eguelfi (20), Adama Fofana (25), Lorenzo Tassi (20), Ivica Ivusic (20), and Andrea Romano (22) along with Knudsen, Gabbianelli, and Ogunyese were at the club last season. Those who aren't at Prato anymore have either been loaned out to another Lega Pro club or have been let go.

    Bandini was a starter and he recorded 2 goals and 2 assists. He's been loaned out for this season to FC Sudtirol where he's started their first game of the season. Bocalon was a starter with Prato and scored 16 league goals. He was sold to US Alessandria for 270k in the summer. Pasa made 20 appearances and he's also been loaned out to another Lega Pro club, Pordenone, where he has also started the first game of the season. Fofana played 6 games for Prato and hasn't been loaned out by Inter. Eguelfi was at Prato for six months before moving on to Savona and now he's on loan to Cremonense in Lega Pro. He had 7 appearances at Prato and he's played one Coppa Italia match for his new club so far. Tassi made 20 appearances and he's on loan to Savona. Ivusic played 11 games and his contract with Inter expired in the summer. Romano played 27 league games and he's currently on loan at Renate.

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    Still don't understand what happened to Pasa. He definitely didn't suck we he played for the first team, but apparently can't succeed in the third division?
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    Then we'll just buy the federation and create our own rules.
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    I dont think juventus are willing to sell

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