I originally intended to post this in the mercato thread (but it got too long). So with that, lets get right into those issues.

Silvestre should be the first to fuck off. He's defensive cancer on the pitch. Like a repulsive swollen tumour in a backline. Disgusting shit.

If we can get something for Campagnaro, that would be nice. Dont see why we let taider go and kept krhin, who's been average as fuck and poor with the ball at his feet whenever I've seen him. Kuzmanovic? Kuzmanobitch. Fucken epitome of mediocrity. Guarin seems to be on his way out, and I'm tired as shit of seeing this brainless motherfucker consistently destroy our attacking momentum by launching a missile outside of the walls of the giuseppe meazza.

Alvarez should also go with a good offer. Fucken one footed, slow minded motherfucker. Not as bad as the rest though.

Id like to see more of Obi this season, but the last ounce of hope I may have for his career may be blinding my judgement. Seems to have knees of glass.

Our midfield has no creative threat. Kovacic is too inconsistent, you dickwads need to remember Hernanes isnt a trequarista, and Alvarez's decision making is slower than a 1 legged dog on tranquilizers trying to cross the street.

Which means we need a regista with some defensive ability, playing to kova+mvila's strenghts and weaknesses (someone offering enough creatively while keeping our defence well shielded, in short, our strootman). My dream would be a fit Ilkay Gundogan, but seeing that we have neither the money nor the medical team to make my fucken dream a reality, maybe Xhaka could work? Or perhaps Cigarini would be more affordable (tho he seems to have some unpleasant history with our retard of a manager, and He isnt good enough at the back). Dont understand why he hasnt gone to a bigger team than Atalanta, or at least a Roma or a Lazio. Ridiculously underrated player.

Moving onto the forward line from the midfield. Seeing that Icardi looks to start, if we're really intent on playing possession football, I think hed thrive alongside a deep lying forward. I'd do almost anything to have Jovetic here (sexual, nonsexual, and the works ) but I dont think City are a bunch of retards and perverted bastards, and I dont think a blowjob would be enough to compensate for 25 million euros.

Ljajic could be a nice option (behind Destro, Iturbe, Gervinho, Florenzi, and Totti in Roma's pecking order). See him being open to starting at Inter vs rotting on Roma's bench for the next few years. Not sure if Sabatini will let us get him that easily though.

If Palacio's in line to start, he needs a technically capable attacking midfielder behind him with good decision making. Palacio's game is built around his off the ball movement, ghosting into the box for a finish. Someone like Pastore would be ideal for him to work off of. Alvarez works too, as does Ljajic.

But Palacio-Icardi doesnt work. Why? Its not sustainable, strictly because a heroin addict is less dependent ln his drug than that combination is dependent on Palacio's work rate. And we all saw what happened when the rat tail's age caught up him (other than the balding part of course). He became a shadow of the player we saw rip up the league at the beginning of last season.

So yeah, we need reinforcements and I dont see those asswipes in Appiano Gentile (except for Zanetti ) doing jackshit to make our squad competitive enpugh for the top 3.

Hopefully that gave some insight into what we need to challenge for CL (in my opinion of course), and by that i mean more insight into the confused mess of shit that is my mentally unstable mind.

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Forgot to list the squad. Time to apply my fifa+fm skillz .

gk: Handa, Carrizo, Berni
cb: Medel, Capirano, Juan Jesus, Vidic, Rolando, Andreolli
wb: Nagatomo, Dodo, dambro, jono

mf: mvila, obi, xhaka, kova, hernanes
ss: ljajic, alvarez/bonaventura?

cf: icardi, palacio, osvaldo