Firstly Toone10, then Five Stars...

Ever since those two legendary "Inter cappers" stopped recording/posting Inter goals/matches in highest quality possible, I've been trying to still keep the goals alive in the best quality possible.
Now in order for me to continue doing this, I'd like to get some help from you guys. One thing I know is if it wouldn't be for Edlaut(Multimedia moderator), none of the goals posted in the last two/three season would have been available to you.

December is just around the corner and once again I will have to pay for one more year for my webpage that I created for this purpose.

The worst thing that's happening since the mid-season of 13/14 is that Sky HD is no longer available to the Satellite cappers, which doesn't mean I won't be able to get Sky's goals on my site. How? Well, capping the Sky SD and an other HD version of the match, I can sync the audio(Sky & Scarpini), but that is really much easier said than done, as it really takes a lot of time.

Either way, even if I continue doing this, I won't be able to post goals until the beginning of October, but I would have the goals stored though.

Here's my Paypal account:

Any help is appreciated.