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Thread: Why Inter Milan needs to Push High Up the field more often

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    Why Inter Milan needs to Push High Up the field more often

    First Article for me for this site so don't be surprised if it lacks quality

    Still enjoying your 2-2 draw against Napoli, folks? Well, you should stop because while that match showed the quality of the squad, it also shows the flaws of Inter tactics.

    During the last 10 minutes, Inter started to pressure the sky-blues. The players pushed high up the field enabling more bodies to be available for Dodo/Jon/Palacio to pump the ball into the box. It seems to be a trend, but Inter seems a lot stronger as a team when they pressure their opponents by pushing as high up the field as they can. Isn't that the purpose of the 3-in-the-back formation?? The formation's purpose is supposed to enable FBs to push higher up the field to act as False Wingers and give opposing teams' defence problems. When Inter demolished Sassouolo 7-0, they pushed high up the field and gave the already suspect defense problems.

    Guarin comes in
    It seems as though this guy this a lot of flack from Inter fans but he was the main reason why Inter got a point. He pushed high up the field causing an abortion of problems for Napoli. While his defensive attributes are suspect, his attacking attributes almost make up for them as he is always looking for the ball. He is always looking like the guy who actually wanted to win the game.

    Medel sits back
    While he has the solid statistics to be a Dm, their relies the problem. Inter does not need a classic DM, they need a Regista. A guy who will distribute/collect the ball but support the attack with his roaming runs (eg. Pirlo). In order for the 3-5-1-1 formation to work, Medel has to be a Pirlo and throughout his career, it is proven that he far from that.

    That game-tying goal by Hernanes would not have happened if he did not push higher up the field and got open. His individual run caught the Napoli defence by surprised and enabled Dodo to look up and find him. Thoughout his career, Hernanes has been known for his long shots and his free kicks. However, today he is the hero for Inter because of his header.

    Now what?
    For this 3-5-1-1 system to work, Inter has to push higher up the field and starts with team selection. Medel shouldn't be anywhere near the midfield. He is unreliable offensively. Personally, my ideal lineup would be this.


    While this means that Inter will be short of a roaming striker in Palacio and a leader in Vidic, they gain a hook between the forwards and midfield (Enganche) in Guarin and a Regista in Kovacic. i think Kova can be the Pirlo that Inter needs. His positioning is right and he makes the forwards runs that enables Inter to push higher up the field causing problems for the opposition. If Inter wants to get 4th, they need to score goals and sitting back and waiting for the last 10 minutes to care like a FIFA game won't do that for them.

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    I'd rather have medel as RCB and rano in the centre due to the height and i'd rather we finished 3rd than 4th but otherwise it is a good article
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    The 3-5-1-1 will never work. Doesn't matter what we do with it.

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