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Thread: Alan Carvalho

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    Alan Carvalho

    Inter have not been linked with this player but I've been loosely following him for the past two seasons and he's really upped his game. He plays for Red Bull Salzburg which isn't exactly in the strongest of leagues, but he's been on an absolute tear in the Austrian Bundesliga over the past two seasons, AND in the Europa League.

    He's currently the top scorer in Europa League, with 8 goals and 2 assists in 5 matches. Last year he had 4 goals and 7 assists in 10 matches. Over the past two seasons he's scored 12 goals in 15 matches, which is a pretty good statistic, even if it is the Europa League.

    In the Bundesliga over the past two seasons, he's scored 35 goals and given 11 assists in 44 matches.

    He's at a good age right now, at 25 years old. And according to transfermarkt his price tag is 5.3 million pounds, which means we could probably get him for that many euros. His wage also probably wouldn't be too high either.

    I don't believe he would continue scoring at that rate in Serie A, but he could prove to be a quite useful at his price, he seems to be the same type of player as Palacio, he could be a good replacement.

    Some highlights:

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    If we're not linked with him there really is no need for a new thread. You can post this here:

    Or you can always bring a player up in the appropriate forwards/Midfielders/defenders rumours topics. Even though that isn't what they're 'supposed' to be for. It does happen.

    Anyway, thread closed.
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