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Thread: What to do with Osvaldo?

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    What to do with Osvaldo?

    Repost from here

    So, predictably, the Osvaldo situation has done what I was trumpeting about several months ago before we signed him. It has blown up into a real ‘situation’. Let’s have a look at it, analyze the actions that have caused Osvaldo and Inter to come to their current situation, and work out where we can feasibly go from here.

    Osvaldo at Inter

    I will open with this. Osvaldo has been substantially better than I expected him to be. Given his history, during which he has punched teammates on more than one occasion, insulted managing/coaching staff, and perhaps more grounded in reality, brawled with opposition players, it was just a matter of time before Osvaldo caused a ruckus at Inter.

    But are we being overly harsh on him? I think so. After all, he didn’t actually punch Icardi. He was (quite rightly) frustrated at not being passed the ball in a great position. His actions after the game, in swearing at the coach and sprinting down to the locker room where he erroneously thought Mauro Icardi was, of course, are significantly less forgivable – but what players haven’t had issues like this in the past? And more importantly, are these sins so grave that he can’t come back into the fold?

    Osvaldo and Icardi

    The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the lack of a public apology for his actions. His penalty has been two days (so far) of training alone, and missing out on the Genoa match. These are perfectly reasonable punishments. But does this one hiccup immediately cost him? After all, his actions were not to actually headbutt anyone, or to actually brawl. He’s a hot head, but we knew that when we signed him. What I did NOT expect, however, was quite impressive performances. For Inter now he has 5 assists, 7 goals in 19 matches. That’s not just impressive – given the previous management – but genuinely dangerously good. He has at times served as the ‘tip’ of the team – a role now it is fair to say will be dominated by Icardi – but he really impressed me in a more attacking midfield/forward role where he isn’t the sole player responsible for scoring goals for us. He’s a real live wire and he really does add a dimension – in a similar way to Podolski – to our game.

    What further concerns me is that with his sale/departure, we leave ourselves short up front. Palacio isn’t the goalscoring striker he used to be, and seems to have potentially found a new home at the Right-Wing position (though we will see how that pans out with ShaqAttaq (yes, I am going to force this nickname if I have to) signing), we are only really left with Icardi, Podolski and Osvaldo for the striker position. I know, I know, we have Bonazzoli and Puscas as well, but I really don’t expect them to be given much of a chance to claim that for their own.

    The next few days is really crucial for Osvaldo – if resolved properly we could have a potentially great player who could do an effective job for us on our hands. Remember, Osvaldo’s temper affects his price, by no means is he an 8 million euro player. That being said, there is the inherent risk that this could boil over, and at the same time, a permanent transfer is a very different question.

    I’m interested in seeing where this goes over the next few days, the impact could span the whole realm of possibilities for us, from a Quagliarella-swap, to a return to Boca, to staying at Inter, or even potentially indirectly informing a transfer for Mattia Destro back home.

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    I honestly prefer to keep him.

    Just make him publicly apologize and that's it. We need him at Inter if we want to have a shot at the third place. We can't afford other players with similar qualities.

    So just keep him, try to make third place and in summer send his ass back to Southampton.

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    Well we wished him a happy birthday on twitter...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seyedo View Post
    I honestly prefer to keep him.

    Just make him publicly apologize and that's it. We need him at Inter if we want to have a shot at the third place. We can't afford other players with similar qualities.

    So just keep him, try to make third place and in summer send his ass back to Southampton.
    You can't just make someone apologise. If you force them into saying something they don't mean whatsoever, (especially a personality like Osvaldo) it's only going make him more resentful.
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    Unfortunately this is not really in Inters hand anymore. That moron needs to decide how much he values his career, because his stupidity has led to his dismissal from at least 2 clubs in recent years.... But if he had any working brain cells.............

    It is a frustrating situation for Inter. But we need to take the long term view, and if Osvaldo is not going to apologise, then fuck him. 3rd place this season is a highly unlikely possibility even with Osvaldo, and team development is more important than anything else.

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    Consider that almost every failed attacking play, involving two ore more players, in the history of football, resulted in a player waving his hands gesturing that he should have got the ball. Osvaldo has made an unnecessary over-the-top gesture, twice. It is clear that Osvaldo is...

    A) a douche.
    B) a poor teammate.

    Now ask yourself this: Everybody on this forum has played sports in some capacity, junior, men's league, whatever. You surely had the type of teammate who yelled, was an asshole, and generally unlikeable to the point where you didnt want to play with them. When he scores, still nobody likes him. Maybe/Likely, Osvaldo is that guy. Do you want that guy on your team?

    The addition of Shaqiri and podolski, ease the loss if Inter drops him. Im also thinking that Palacio can find his form with some pressure taken off of him. It may also give an opportunity to Bonazzoli, with one less player in attack. He's a long-term investment, Osvaldo isnt.

    Overall, I dont care if they drop him. If he is disrupting harmony, no matter how talented he is, then there is no point of keeping him.

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    keep him please, dont sell him. he is clearly a quality player. stats dont lie. Yes, i am a stat boy.
    quality midguueiitsers

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