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Thread: Software development

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    Software development

    Hi guys, was searching for a thread like this but couldn't find one. If there is one, could you send me the link in this and apologies for creating a new thread!

    Haven't been around much because I'm swamped with assignments, didn't get to watch inter on saturday or anything (luckily)

    Basically I'm doing a one years master conversion course into software development, and struggling with a piece of coursework at the minute and was wondering if any of you guys would be willing to help me with some of my problems? Would be very much appreciated!

    I'm working on concurrent systems at the minute, multi threading and having some problems. I've to create a system that basically copies a robot functions, that robot pepper that was made in japan. We have to have create six threads overall to output sensed data that has been hard coded into the system.

    I hope I'm not violating any rules here by asking this? and again apologies if a thread like this already exists! But any help at all will be greatly appreciated!

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    We already have a dozen thread discussing creating multi-function system that copies robots functions, we even had succeeded in completing one of them and he lives among us atm, we called him Universe.

    Shit doesnt happen

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    For some reason as always with these things he's evolved into a bit of a sex robot. Specifically more like a fluid discharge recepticle.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And having six threads has definitely made him more... Strained for recepticling

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    - Lock your non-thread safe data structures with mutexes/critical sections.
    - Use atomics whenever you can, lockless wherever possible.

    But I'm just a crappy programmer who has never done masters, I'm probably only as useful as Manshitni.

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