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Thread: Joao Miranda

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devious View Post
    You guys are so short sighted.

    We shipped Eder to China for a ridiculously small amount as well comparing to his estimated marke value at the time, it was a test move to see what's the FIFA/UEFA reaction which was szero, now this is a second test move to confirm that trading players between two clubs owned by the same company for extremely low price is not violating any rules or laws.

    Now when Suning buy Bale and ship him to China then prepare a loan contract to Inter there's no way chance anyone object as it's equivalent to the move where we sold both Eder and Miranda to China for peanuts and no one bats an eye.

    At least I hope Suning are that devious.
    How Devious

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    I doubt it. Radja signing for free would be the next move more likely.

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    As a fan of both Football Club Internazionale Milano and Jiangsu Suning Zuqiu Julebu, I want to say thank you, goodbye, good luck, welcome and good luck again to Joao Miranda.

    I'm already looking forward to the rock-solid Miranda&Paletta foreign partnership (one of Eder and Alex Teixeira can sit out, or both of them can be Bale's caddies if we witness la Potenza di Suning and the Welshman lands in Nanjing).

    Realistically the AFC Champions League spot is already gone, but we'll soon crush everyone on and off the field.

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