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Thread: Juventus VS Roma

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    Juventus VS Roma

    Let's hope they both lose and get 22 injuries lol!

    At least with a draw we can go 5 point clear of Juve!

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    5 min in the game, Roma are dominating and had a few chances. Juve can't seem to make a propper pass. Roma seem to be much better thus far

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    7'th min, an other Major chance by Roma. Damn they are playing well.. Tbh if it goes like this, they seem to be the most realistic scudetto winners

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    Dude, do this in the Serie A thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
    Guarin can be categorised as a box-to-box midfielder because you know that most of his team mates will be frantically running back to their own box soon after he runs at the opposition's.

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