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Thread: Éder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane The Virgin View Post
    Nostalgia really fucks shit up.

    Cruz was crap. Forget his construction worker kiss ass persona.
    I hope you don't mind me saying but you are completely fuckwitted.

    Julio Cruz was awesome!

    Likening him to Eder or suggesting that our love and respect for him is down to nostalgia is way off the mark.

    I am proud that he was black and blue.

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    Isn't Cruz one of our all time top goalscorer vs juve

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    Quote Originally Posted by dax21 View Post
    Honestly I remember really disliking Cruz back in the day because he would get playing time over players that I liked way more. On the other hand he would score almost every time, he was the definition of impact sub, as much as I didn't want to see that then.
    I am the very same, as a young fan I didn't appreciate the impact Cruz had for Inter and hated seeing him warming up. But when I look back now I also remember the important goals he scored off the bench. He was most definitely our equivalent of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer with a near similar goals to game ratio.

    Never thought I'd see someone compare Eder to him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by .h. View Post
    Isn't Cruz one of our all time top goalscorer vs juve
    Icardi beat him already I guess and Cruz scores againts Milan more IIRC, only his Juve goal is memorable since its hard to winning againts them especially if your forward Cruz and Martins no one thought they gonna win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by francesco View Post
    Why criticize like he was the worst player in the team?
    either people are having a high standard for inter or they just racist

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    Super sub scored more goals against Gobbi than Milan. He was also a very underrated free kick specialist. He would walk into any post treble era team while Eder was a backup.

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    YEP Cruz was amazing. Not the most talented or flashy striker we have had but for me easy the best 3rd/4th choice striker we ever had.
    Yes we had bigger names sitting on the bench but nobody preformed from the bench like cruz did! Also he never complained in all his years here he never complained about being 3rd choice and when ever called into action he preformed. Heck if i remember right in 04/05 or 05/05 he even outscored Adriano.
    I would always take a player like cruz in my team he was good, preformed when needed, never created troubles and probably was one of the cheapest strikers we ve had over the years.

    The fact that he used to score against jube was just the cherry on the top.
    Which matches do you feel more, those with Juventus or Milan?
    "With Milan, without doubt. And I don't like the Rossoneri fans either because they have a way of behaving, particularly when they win, that I don't appreciate."
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    Cruz was about ten times the player Eder is.

    Cruz can pass and setup goals for other team members, has aerial advantage for both goals and long passes, and has good finishing as well.

    It's crazy he was a 5th striker at one point, what a waste of talent.

    No wonder we got punished with players 10x less quality on the bench for years after.

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