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Thread: The Suning Commerce Group

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    Don't make that generic I and M combined. The letter M in logos has been overused by youtubers and just media personalities as of late.

    Nobody can reinvent the wheel on the M. The "I" on other hand is a nightmare for any designer and also a safe net, at the same time.

    Logos always change, I'm not against that. But going full moronic juventus style JJ with IM will be epic fail.

    And while at it, why not change the name to Inter only, or Internazionale. This "Inter Milano" while it was not the formal official name I didn't mind, now just looks like the whole bunch of amateurish teams that have Inter in there name. And every nation has em.

    Inter This, Inter that, Inter Miami, Inter Milano...

    If they are pushing for a marketing narrative "IM Inter", I'll be done buying merch forever and ever until the next change of name and logo happens

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    Quote Originally Posted by javier_zanetti <3 View Post
    Why does this feel like we are getting pawned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    Why does this feel like we are getting pawned?

    Suning: "We value inter at a 1 billion euros."
    BC Partners: "Best we can do is 750 and some office supplies."

    BC Partners will probably expect their money to be paid back within a few years or else they'll just liquidate the team.

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    I'm gonna go here with this one as this relates to BC Partners. These are about them and the stadium project

    go and read with Chrome (google translates automatically)


    No reason to take minority, so most logical is that BC Partners is looking for the majority shares. Investment time on average with these type of funds is 3-5 years (in EPL they've stayed longer), then the exit. Either selling to another fund or go public (get listed). Private equity fund is different from fund like Elliot. "I therefore believe that the intention of BC Partners is to buy Inter and start an industrial process of consolidation of the accounts and to manage it directly, perhaps with a management of its own trust. The problem is that Suning wants a lot of money" (this needs better translation)

    Our revenues has gone up mainly due to the sponsorship deals in China signed by Suning. So unless Suning guarantees these sponsorship despite the sale, Inter would have to find a lot of other sponsorships to keep the revenue streams coming. Milano however is an interesting business opportunity in other ways too, with stadium you can generate money, more money from other stuff than football. Juventus example has shown that they haven't been able to generate as much as was expected, but Milano being a bigger city with more tourism etc it could be more lucrative.

    After due diligence, it takes usually 3-4 months to change the ownership. Non-binding offer needs to be made, immediately after due diligence. Given COVID stuff and all, assumption is that at the end of the season there could be the change of ownership.

    Chinese government made the decision to shift away not only from football but all the entertainment business "after having initiated a policy of investment in entertainment aimed at making the West known about its culture through football, probably implied that it no longer made sense to invest a lot of money in an industrial activity that does not bring income and, even at a cultural level and political, did not have the impact the government hoped for." There's no other reason Suning decides to pull the plug on Inter just like this, since they've invested a lot and won nothing so far.


    Should we expect unexpected events? Not from a political point of view. Sala favours the new stadium project, but there's the municipal (local) elections this spring and Sala is the current mayor (hopefully he continues in it). Only issue is Meazza, some people want to keep it but it would cost city a lot to maintain it with only few events in a year.

    Nothing will happen before the elections. Inter and Milan will invest both about 650mÄ for the project. Inter's new possible owners need to give the guarantees of the project to the city council so the ownership change stuff might postpone this project from starting a bit. November-December is the time when the final ok can arrive, or maybe even in first quarter of 2022. But the stadium will be built, bureaucracy is lesser than in Rome so it can be built in 3 years to be it ready in 2025. Partners for the construction project needs to be found however.

    Naming rights are the most important thing but it will be divided with Milan. Tickets is of course the first source of income but given COVID and shit, no one knows when the attendances will be back to normal if ever. Then all the extra stuff which can be done in the stadium. Given COVID, sponsors might not be willing to give same amounts of money as it was projected before COVID.

    It's not a realistic hypothesis that stadium would be built outside of Milano (like in Sesto San Giovanni). Maybe if a club (Inter/Milan) builds its own stadium but as the project is on going with the municipality already it would be wrong to leave the plan now.

    Left some stuff out as uninteresting, go and read the whole stuff for yourself if you like.

    AND, come here and fix everything I managed to miss or misinterpreted from the Google translation.

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    Have you guys known the mess at Jiangsu Suning atm?

    Chinese title defender Jiangsu Suning begins his pre-championship retirement today. Cosmin Olaroiu, the coach, didn't show up. None of their foreign players have returned. Alex Teixeira is gone. Ferdinando Hippoliti, athletic trainer, is the only foreign coach present.

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    Fuck these guys, get the fuck out of our club as soon as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurt0411 View Post
    Fuck these guys, get the fuck out of our club as soon as possible
    The longer they're here, the higher the chance this snowballs. We can't afford to go into the summer transfer window with this operating environment or surely we'll be forced to sell Skriniar and Martinez, at a minimum.

    Suning need to sell their controlling stake in the club. They are nothing but an anchor with the CCP scrutinizing their every decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PHM1605 View Post
    Have you guys known the mess at Jiangsu Suning atm?
    Suning-Failure of epic proportions.

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