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Thread: The Suning Commerce Group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luka View Post
    I don't want to buy rejects from other clubs anymore, or players sitting on benches.
    Sneijder, Rafinha, Cancelo

    Quote Originally Posted by Luka View Post
    I want to buy best players from the lesser teams
    Vecino, Politano, JMario, Gagliardini, 9G....

    As M.Adnan pointed out, problem has always been targeting the wrong players.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luka View Post
    I don't want to become another Bayern who earns shit loads of money year after year, but fans are furious they don't buy proper signings (which they kinda succumbed this year and are planning to do in the summer for the first time).
    Fans are furious because Bayern failed to replace Robben and Ribery. Aside from that maybe selling Kroos for peanuts. Everything else has been stellar.
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    If the mgmt said to me win something with our current midfield...I'd laugh off the squad don't give a fuck...earn my paycheck...if I'd get fired I'd lol to the bank anyway...Spallo doing this right now...anyway

    our mgmt deserves all the BS they created with their incompetence and delusional expectations

    we fans on the other hand don't...well the ones who see that our squad isn't capable of much more than it's doing right now...pretty damn realistic but also...

    sad sad

    Spallo Inter coach for the next 5 years!

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    Spalletti seemed pretty satisfied with the squad he had at his disposal at the start of the season:

    Spalletti was asked if he feels that the team he is in charge of now is better than the one he had last season to which he replied: “Yes, I feel that I have a stronger side this season not just because of the new arrivals, but also as we know each other better and have a clearer idea of our objectives. We’ve got to improve last term’s fourth place. Nobody intends to hand Juventus the Scudetto before we’ve even started playing. Inter, Napoli, Roma, Milan and Lazio can all challenge for the Scudetto, because we have all strengthened. We are one of the five sides who could challenge Juve for the title and then we’ll see what happens.”

    The Inter coach was asked about the reinforcements the Nerazzurri has made as well as to comment on the Serie A as a whole stating that: “I am glad that we brought in players of quality and solidity, of the right level to play for Inter. We feel confident for the future. I dealt with pressure in the past, now it’s all joy and excitement. Serie A has brought in players who before would’ve been more attracted to La Liga or the Premier League, but now Italian football is seen as an opportunity again and that is fundamental. We’re satisfied with all of that, but now we’ve got to bring home points starting from tomorrow. Last season it was all decided in the final 20 minutes, so if we learn our lesson from that, we can get the points earlier and not leave it so late.”

    After penning a new contract that will keep him at Inter until 2021, Luciano Spalletti revealed he’s happy with the players currently at his disposal despite continued links with Real Madrid’s Luka Modric.

    The Nerazzurri remain in the mix for the Croatian standout, and rumours of a potential last-minute move won’t go away despite Los Blancos’ insistence on keeping the midfielder.

    Spalletti made it clear that regardless of whether Modric is brought in, he’s more than satisfied with Inter’s summer moves.

    “You’d have to ask the director [Piero Ausilio]that, as I won’t say anything more when it comes to the transfer market,” he told Sky Sport Italia when asked about the Real midfielder.

    “I am already very happy with what I have at my disposal. These are the players I’d want to have.”

    It's very easy to blame everything either on Spalletti or the management but the reality is both of them are to blame for this season's squad as both of them thought the squad was good enough to reach this season's targets.

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    Did you really trust his assessment? He could say anything but he himself is a major Inter weakness. So his assessment as far as I am (and counless others here) concerned is worthless since he doesn't seem to notice talent especially in his last two seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luka View Post
    Why not? I cannot have a problem with what I hear constantly? You liked this "Inter is coming" bullshit?

    Of course I know. I'm not an idiot. Did you read what I've said? The only problem I have till now is "Inter is coming" idiocy. I cannot have problem with us not having great mercato as I know what we agreed to. What will happen this summer is different story altogether.

    I don't want to buy rejects from other clubs anymore, or players sitting on benches. I want to buy best players from the lesser teams, which means money (around ~50m a pop give or take). That's how we will get out of this shamble we are right now. And the money is there, since we're basically collecting it for years now and it should skyrocketed last year.

    But Inter is what now? In the top 15 of best financed clubs in the world? So I guess we're not broke, and I want to see action this summer. I don't expect the same to happen next year, as there won't be as much money that we saved, but this summer I expect fireworks. If you don't, then I don't know on which position we must be in the financial football league to aspire to those summer transfers. #5, #3? I don't want to become another Bayern who earns shit loads of money year after year, but fans are furious they don't buy proper signings (which they kinda succumbed this year and are planning to do in the summer for the first time).
    How do you come with this idea, we are sitting on loads on money and not be able to spend because of SA/FFP?
    From what I understand it's a bit the opposite! We are still bleeding money and under SA every year we need to balance the books with "capital gain" (fucking plusvalenza) and not by borrowing like every company.
    Thie SA/FFP s like austerity in EU, it suppose constrain teams to live by their means. It's principle maybe not be wrong, but was utterly shit implemented.

    From what I read we are still in red zone, Suning try to balance the books completely in summer and after that without FFP, we could make business. But whatever transfer will come will be paid from papa Zhang wallt and not from our supposed "shit loads of money we are sitting on and not be able to spend because of SA".

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    My challenge is for all you critics who are just bitching and crying for trophies is simple: What do you want Suning to do?
    EPL was made by chelsea and city owners pumping money
    LaLiga by RM doing the same starting galacticos from taking Zidane from Serie A

    Its all about the money.

    Suning is like city/chelsea/real or they are like pallotta?

    they want to build real/city/chelsea or another roma? so far they acting like another roma
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfU View Post
    Sneijder, Rafinha, Cancelo
    Next thing you will quote Ronaldo. I think I'm pretty sure I didn't mean 30, 20 or 10 years ago, but ever since the trebble because that's where the "FFP and Inter" started.

    Rafinha and Cancelo? That's funny. For how much did we sell them to Barcelona and juBe in the summer? I hope it was for lots because they were quite great transfers and I would hate to sell them for peanuts.

    I'll ignore the rest not due to disrespect, but I just don't have time anymore to do 5 pages discussions like I did 5 years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrei View Post
    How do you come with this idea, we are sitting on loads on money and not be able to spend because of SA/FFP?
    You're kidding me, right? So you're telling me we're like 14th or something in money league IN THE WORLD and we still are loosing money? I don't know about you, but I stopped believing in fairy tales like 25 years ago.

    Plus, if we are still in such a deep shit, then why Zhang is saying we will be free from financial constraints and the summer mercato will reflect that?
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    2012-13 signalled the beginning of the FFP years. Signing Mundigayi, Gargano, Silvestre and later on Schelotto, Kuzmanovic and Rocchi.. That was the beginning of our downfall. I'm not going to mention Guarin because on paper it wasn't a bad nor an expensive deal. And compared to other shit, he was decent and could be a role player for a strong Inter team.

    Thohir's arrival took a futher dip in our team's quality at the expense of fixing the economic side of the club for a potential buyer. We're lucky that we're still not in that limbo period and Suning came in. We're unlucky because they also didn't know what they were doing at first.

    The problem with the team during the 2013-16 period was a lack of direction. We just bought and sold players for purely financial reasons and every 5 months we had different managers that wanted different things. Signigns like Pereira, Hernanes, Alvarez etc..

    We've always piled up junk in midfield and expected one of our "creative" midfielders we brought in to be some sort of Messiah, just because when we bought Sneijder we instantly beat Milan 4-0 and then went on to win the tripleta, forgetting that our midfield was made up of great players but just lacked that extra step. Ever since Sneijder was sold all we do is buy junk and then hope that one of the more expensive players we buy is going to be some sort of magical leader that will transform our midfield.
    Kondogbia. Failed.
    Joao Mario. Failed.
    Nainggolan. Failing.

    The old guard was never properly replaced. That's something that should have started in 2010 and 2011 and be finished by 2013. Which is on Moratti and he knows it and has admitted it.

    We could have started to turn things round in 2015-16 when we finally were rid of Branca and most of the shit players and started to invest in more quality, but then we took a wrong direction again with signing players like Eder on January instead of sovling our more crucial issues like a strong midfielder. The 2014-15 quick fix of letting eveyrone from the old guard go probably helped the cause, financially wise.

    But we've seen the same mistakes over and over again. And Suning are almost entirely to blame for the 2016-17 setback.

    We spent 20m to sign Candreva for Mancini and then a week later Mancini was pretty much gone.
    We spent 65m on Joao Mario and Gabriel Barbosa that no coach had asked for and even ended up with getting penalized by UEFA over this. And they didn't really do shit.

    If we 'legally' had the ability to spend something around 30m when Suning took over, we could have gone for at least one quality midfielder and one 'talent'. That pretty much translates to signing Zielinski for ~15m (assuming he'd pick us over Napoli) and Franco Vazquez for ~15m assuming he'd prefer to stay in Italy instead of going to Sevilla. Perhaps Atalanta would have sold us Alejandro Gomez for a similar amount back then. But instead we ended up with washing away over 65m and having a mess in the future seasons as we couldn't sell them even at zero capital loss.

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    Honestly, I love how people after the mercato thought we were title contenders and now that we are missing most of our new signings and that our team is currently weaker that they expect better results.




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    Just a weird thought after I watched a few time Little Zhang celebrating the Derby goals

    There is a 'distant' between real experience and rational calculation. In this case, yes, I mean Little Zhang is the one who is 'practicing', 'experiencing' and 'knowing/understanding' the whole Inter-complexity. Meanwhile, the true decision maker is his big daddy.

    A while ago, we had a president who has been a passionate supporter and also the one who provided financial power. Today, there is a distant. I am wondering how do we make sense of this 'distant'? With Morratti, faith, and reason amalgamated and generated some 'highlights' but overall ineffectuality. Right now, we may feel frustrated at some point (lack of spending with some random excuses) but then, as some already pointed out in their post, we regained some balance as a business.

    I guess, in the end, Inter, for us, is a social artefact, a distinctive one. Inter does not have to be like Real Madrid. Inter is an epiphenomenon of constant struggles and ambitions to overcome such struggles. We problematize Inter situation in different ways (football wise perspective, economic efficiency or insidious politicality) to perpetuate a specific kind of image that we attach to this club.

    Haha, messy morning and thus messy post.

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