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Thread: UEFA Champions League 2016/2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post

    It does have an impact when me and my buddies talk about football though, which is like every fucking day. Not to mention talking with strangers. I dont know about anyone else, but here in Saudi Arabia despite having a shitty national team and a shitty league, they're passionate about European football. The mockery game is strong here. I always mention past successes and especially treble to show that we are a big club. Will still get dissed, and will be get dissed more if Juve win the treble; we wont be the only club in Italy. But that's it. It wont give me cancer or anything if they win.

    I dont know what's so wrong about this, you think its childish but this has been football for ages, people are worried just in the "range of football". Dont think any Inter fans will be afftected in their personal lives if Juve won, not even in Italy.
    Same, it doesn't even matter if they are watching Serie A. The mockery continues.
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    it's a bit like getting angry because a guy you know and you despise is getting richer by the day, and richer than you.

    at some point you gotta let it go: you can still celebrate if things turn out bad for your enemy, but the health of my liver is important to me, so if they win, good for them. it won't make them less disgusting, not even if they win 10 champions league in a row.

    they are scammers, they have been manipulating italian football and politics since the era of fascism. and they know it and don't care. there is no trophy which could change all of this.
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    a symbolic step to bigger changes in the corrupt riddled FOOTBALL WORLD...GRANDE ČEFI!

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