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Thread: Antonio Candreva

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    I thought he was very good today. Tracked back a few times to cover Cancelo, and had some nice link ups. That cross to Icardi was basically perfect, albeit a tough one for Icardi to score.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arlen View Post
    The problem with this kind of site in english is the international brand of supporters from non-footballers or non-top-footballer countries..
    You see people from Colombia, Oceania, Ireland(i think) pretending that at least ONCE in their life they saw a young wc talent arriving and becoming a world star.

    Just a idea: if you want a serious debate about football, you should block everybody from countries that NEVER will win nothing and NEVER will have a balon d'or, for example.
    Whats the point about those guys opinions??? Can i go to some New Zealand chat and start to teach them how to recognize the better wc prospects among young Rugby players?
    Again, if you NEVER saw a young wc prospect struggling in his first years, like Kaka or Ronaldinho who were booed by they local supporters here, how could you judge????

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    Agreed. He really should've scored the chance Perisic served him on a silver platter which showed his lack of confidence, but he was great otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolMan44 View Post
    Agreed. He really should've scored the chance Perisic served him on a silver platter which showed his lack of confidence, but he was great otherwise.
    He missed yes but it was so good to see Perisic thinking of his team mates again.

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    I really wish he had scored that one. Perisic got a great confidence boost from his goal, and he was looking back in form. I think the same will happen to Candreva once he scores - he is looking like a player short of confidence, trying too hard. I have a feeling that if he gets a goal in the next game, he will get a few more before the season is over.

    If we have Icardi, Perisic and Candreva firing from all cylinders in the remaining 10 games, we will qualify for the CL with ease.

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    10 years of FIF
    EPL teams are circuling and he starting to play wel. If we can get 20 million we paid for him back I’ll be a happy camper
    can we stop buying fking MFs!!!

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