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Thread: Antonio Candreva

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conan the Barbarian View Post
    8 - A player of very good quality, who will add much to the team, one of the best nationalwise 65.22%

    That's the biggest joke I've ever seen in my entire life. Right now right here I stopped to hate Ausilio. Finally I understood that our problem isn't Ausilio or Suning. Our problem is the new generation of Inter fans and their fucked up minds.
    Candreva is actually one of the best Serie A winger. He actually delivered quite a few assists (cross or not) last season and this season.

    Imagine if we have clowns like these on our left and right wing, Icardi would be scoring 0 goal this season, and FIF would be bitching day and night about these low football IQ players:


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    Bro ,I can count to minimum 20 wingers from Serie A who are far better than Candreva.


    Hahahaha If he's the best winger of Serie A then playing football in Italy must be abolished by UEFA. By the way I wouldn't compare him to Quaresma because they're both brainless. I mean there's no point to compare.
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