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    do u know this guy? he's a Dutch. a Defender with left foooted. i think he is good. if we couldn't afford buying chivu, we mite as well buy him. he is not expensive also. he's plaing in germany now. dunno which club. i forgot.

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    hoffland, wolfsburg
    we need one central defender. put burdisso in first 11. and one new italian on bench
    first we need one left winger
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    This thread will be closed by the mods, we should discuss this in the Rumour transfer thread Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adriano
    This thread will be closed by the mods...
    I know that´ll happen, but i dont know why Handoyo wants to close every thread where we could talk about individual rumors/players? That Cassano thread for example. We are rumoured to sign him and it would be good to talk about it in it´s own thread, but it was closed. Now we talk about almost every rumor in the thread which has 234 pages already. That´s very messy if you ask me.

    So Handoyo [or whoever is closing all the individual topics], could you not close all the topics? At least i would appreciate that ´cause some rumors/players are more interesting than some others and might deserve it´s own thread..
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    We aren’t rumoured to be after his signature err…Adriano, he’s asking what we think about him?

    Anyway you guys, you all spelled his name wrong It’s Hofland, Kevin Hofland. To answer your question…He was pretty fundamental during his PSV days, quite good as well (He’s a Dutch Interational isn’t he?) Oh yeah, wasn’t Alex Ferguson interested in his services a few years ago? Yep, I was right! Arsenal too? Wow hmm...Not sure if he still carried that form with him in Germany, but if he did he’d be a nice buy, sadly I don’t really think he’s good enough to challenge Cordoba or Matrix (Well maybe Matrix...) would be a great to have him but we’ll just waste his talent. :neutral:
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    Don T, the problem with that is that other rumors will be published there that shouldnt' be.

    For example, there is a separate thread for free agents. I found myself reading rumors posted there that others posted it in another rumor thread. Most people dont' bother to check if what they posted has already been posted.

    I prefer to have one thread for all rumors, and differnet ones for sure or near-sure ones. I also prefer if the thread length is less, like the old days. Something like 20 pages is enough, then we can archive the old ones by simply putting 1,2 etc. near it.

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    I am closing this thread, as these kinda stuffs are supposed to be in "Next Season's Inter"

    And Tommi, I too close unneccessary threads; dun know if I have closed the threads you are talking about. Anyway, I got your point and that is why I think threads like Gilardino are there (opened).

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